Allen Iverson on the NBA Bubble, the secret talent of Vince Carter and his new James Harden Collab

It’s fantastic. You mentioned in that video that you used to draw your teammates before the matches that day.

Well, it was rare that I had it [to the locker room] before anyone else.[[[[Ride.]But if I did, I would go in there and put something on the blackboard just to lighten everyone up. Just to put them in that comfortable mode before going to war.

Who would you draw?

Anyone. I don’t think I’ve ever coached Brown, but all the guys on my team. It was only to ease the mood, especially if it was a tense situation, like a playoff game, something like that.

So the NBA is moving forward with its reboot in a few weeks. How do you feel about the whole situation? Do you think it’s the right move to go ahead and start playing again after all these months of rest?

It doesn’t matter what I think. It is what it is. If I had to deal with it, I would like to play. But to each his own. I understand why some guys don’t want to play. I don’t make a lot of reviews. We all make decisions. Go with the decision, trust, believe it, honor it. And this is that, do you understand what I mean? So I’m not mad at the guys who are playing. I’m not mad at kids who don’t play.

You played in a couple of seasons shortened by block, where there was a shorter time to get back in shape. Do you think it’s something the guys in the bubble are going to be fighting with right now?

We hoopers, friend. Let’s just search. It’s like: throw the ball, man. Here we go. This is my mentality, this is how I have always been. Here we go.

So don’t get crazy, live in this strange situationnone of this matters at the end of the day.

Nah friend, what are you sorry for? Basketball is basketball. Play. This is what it is. We all love to perform in front of people, but even if nobody in the stands, you still know that everyone is watching.

Right. No asterisk needed for you this season.

Dude, everything matters. Everything. Everything is legitimate. I don’t think you should get out of someone’s making. Everyone has to do with the same scenario, everyone has to do with the same thing. It is what it is. Whoever wins should be rewarded as such. It’s like any other league for me.

A small wrinkle in the bubble is that the NBA has it her dress code officially relaxed, who at the time was widely interpreted as David Stern addressing you in particular. Are you happy to see it disappear, even temporarily?

Dude, I think kids should dress the way they want to dress. I have no problem with a guy who dresses the way he makes him feel comfortable, who makes that person feel like themselves. I think it is beautiful. I don’t think you should tell someone how to dress.

Do you feel like you dressed and then you opened the door for the NBA style we see today, with the guys who really perform in the tunnel before the games? Was style a really important way of expression for you then?

I have never rated it like this. I dressed as I dress.

Vince Carter has just retired after 22 seasons in the league. You guys had great battles later in the day.

Some of them, I was in a bad end.[[[[Ride.]We had so many battles, but I love Vince Carter, the person, even more than the basketball player. Just a great talent, a great gift for the world, a blessing for fans. It was an honor to be able to compete with him and get to know him off the pitch.

When you think of those moments off the pitch, does something stick out?

Yes. Who can dance your ass.[[[[Ride.]


Yup. I mean, it’s like super Incredible. I don’t know if too many people know it, but the boys and girls who know Vince – they know him personally – know that he is like a dancer among the top five in the world.

What kind of moves are we talking about here?

Guy. Any dance in any style can do it. Whatever little kids can do, whatever the fashion, Vince can do it.

So we have to get Vince on TikTok, then.

Oh yes, I’m telling you, man. This is not bullshit. It’s incredible.




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