Already this weekend, from July 17 to 19, the second stage of the Latvian championship “ERGO Open 2020” will take place in Jūrmala. The ambassadors of the second stage are Aleksandrs Samoilovs and Tīna Graudiņa, who are going to start in the European Championship in Jūrmala in the second half of September, do not hide that Jūrmala is the best place not only for beach volleyball, but also for recreation and leisure, reports Latvian Volleyball Federation (LVF).

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“ERGO Open” summer season 2020 was sung in Ventspils, where in the first stage of the Latvian championship Aleksandrs Samoilovs / Jānis Šmēdiņš triumphed in the men’s competition, but among the ladies the best were Tīna Graudiņa / Anastasija Kravčenoka. Already this weekend, the season will continue with a stage in Jūrmala, where both men’s and women’s duos will start.

“I can safely call myself a Jurmala, I have spent my whole life here,” says Tīna Graudiņa, who agrees with the opinion that the 2017 European Championship in Jurmala with Anastasia Kravčenok was a breakthrough tournament for her future success, which last summer culminated in a victory. European champion title.

“I have always enjoyed playing in Jūrmala, tournaments take less energy here. I recommend people who have such opportunities to live in Jūrmala for several days, even a weekend, to understand the essence of this city – peace, fresh air, walking. There is a special lifestyle, “range Graudiņa, who with Kravčenok this season plans to start in all stages of the Latvian championship” ERGO Open 2020 “(there will be four of them for women).

Aleksandrs Samoilovs, who has taken his first steps in beach volleyball right on the beach in Jūrmala, also agrees with her.

“I enjoy the moments when there are no people on the beach. The time when the city is dominated by tourists and the relatively quiet time in Jurmala are two different things. I like early spring or late autumn, when running along the sea for an hour and a half you can not meet almost anyone. “It’s a good opportunity to sort out your thoughts,” says King Lion, who turned to beach volleyball in his teens when he was attracted to it by his father, Gennady Samoyilov. “Jūrmala is the best city in Latvia and the capital of beach volleyball in Eastern Europe – what other comments are needed,” the volleyball player says questioningly.

If the organizers of the Latvian Championship “ERGO Open” act responsibly and observe the security measures set by the Latvian government, which are necessary to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, the number of spectator seats will be limited and there will usually be no full spectator stands.

Sunday games will be available live on TV channels – LTV7 and “ TV”. Registration for the tournament is open until July 13, inclusive.

“ERGO OPEN 2020” Jurmala stage calendar:

July 17 from 17.00 – qualifying games
July 18 from 10.00 – main tournament games (group tournament + elimination games)
July 19 from 10.30 – 1/2 final games (live TV), from 14.00 – games for medals (live LTV7)

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