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Monday, July 6, 2020 – 2:30 p.m.

The new coach of the Basketball Bara ensures that he seeks to mix beautiful game with winning character and says he does not feel pressured by his new responsibility on his third return to the club.

Jasikevicius, during a match with Zalgiris.
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Sarunas Jasikevicius is very clear: he does not intend to let the pressure of leading the Bara affect him in the least. The new coach of the Barça basketball first team believes that the time has finally come to accept the challenge of returning to a club where he was already a player in two stages. And, although he prefers not to talk about signings until these are official, he does not hesitate to admit that he would love to have his good friend Pau Gasol under his orders.

“We are in a phase where we cannot say many things. We are having many conversations internally, we have talked about some players, but I prefer not to say anything until things are official. You all know how dear I am to Pau, it is My friend. It would not be bad to have him, “said the new coach of Bara, who has signed a contract with the club until June 30, 2023.” The team is very good, although we will try to improve it, “he reiterated. Also, of course, taking a look at what the quarry can contribute. “I would like to play with a lot of people at home, like in Kaunas, but, first you have to check that they are Bara level,” he said.

President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, only participated in the initial parliaments. In them, he wanted to highlight Jasikevicius’ commitment to both the club and the city. “Saras returns to his club, to his home, and also to his city. Always, wherever he has been, he has been an ambassador for Bara and Barcelona. He is a hard-working, methodical person, very demanding of himself. We are convinced that his methods and his training will give us many successes and will make everyone in the world happy, “stressed the leader.

Bartomeu, of course, wanted to thank his work in the club to all those who have left the section in the last days after the blow of defeat in the final of the ACB League against Baskonia. “I want to send words of thanks to Pango, Ribas and Tomic. And also, very especially, to our coach, Coach Pesic. In this second stage it has brought us joy, it has raised the Palau and it has given us two titles, two glasses of the King “, wanted to point out the president, who in turn highlighted the presence at the event of two players, Pierre Oriola and Alex Abrines. The rest, according to him, are already on vacation, waiting to return to work shortly.

A job that Jasikevicius burns with desire to resume as soon as possible. “The fans of the Bara already know that I am going to give the maximum. The same thing that a coach should ask his players is what the fans should ask their coach,” said the coach, who has finally decided to give him the s to the azulgrana club. “First, you should look at yourself, see if you need to learn, gain more experience. I am a young coach and this summer things all turned upside down to finally decide to come here. I am very happy, I think it was the right time to take this step, “he noted.

As for the style, he wants to mix a beautiful game with a winning character. Always, making the most of the potential of its players. “The Bara has to exploit the best characteristics of its players, we must be very clear about what each player can give us and create a system in which each one can give their maximum level. We have to focus on ourselves instead of looking at the rival. There is a lot of work ahead and I think that soon we will have a clearer idea of ​​how we are going to play, “said the coach, who did not want to prioritize any title.

“I don’t think beyond the next training”

“I do not think that at Bara we can say that one title is more important than another. Each match is final. The competition for the League and the Euroleague is very large, very tough months await us, but also very nice ones,” assured a Jasikevicius who, at the moment, does not consider a possible jump to the NBA. “I don’t think beyond the next training session, the next game,” he said. And, yes, it is very clear that the pressure of a club like Barca will not affect him. Absolutely. And not only because of the love that the fans have for him.

“My philosophy does not change at all because I am at Bara. I have always been very direct with my players, I always demand the maximum from them. This is my way of working and I am sure that they will accept it and will give the maximum to this club. As for demand, I’m used to it. I don’t know if you’ve seen a game in Kaunas. They have always been a very demanding fans with their team, “he said.

To finish, of course, he looked back a little towards that first title of the Euroleague that he won for the club as a player in 2003. “The atmosphere of the Palau Sant Jordi in the Euroleague was spectacular, they celebrated each basket as if it were a goal. I will never forget it, “he said.

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