With long queues, this is the reason people insist on sports at GBK


Sunday (6/28/2020), Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) was filled with residents who wanted to exercise. Many of them are willing to queue up to 500 meters in length to enter the GBK ring road area.

The GBK manager limits that within one hour only 1,000 visitors are allowed into the ring road. If the capacity is fulfilled, residents are asked to queue outside the entrance of the ring road until the shift change.

What do they say that they are willing to stand in line to enter the GBK ring road?

One visitor named Lutfi (22) from Kuningan, South Jakarta, claimed he had only felt the line so far as he routinely went to the GBK ring road every week to exercise.

“Tumben-tumbenan is just like a pandemic like this is really long. It came from the 7th (morning), only got at 9,” Lutfi told AFP on Sunday (6/28/2020).

“Last week came here, but it’s not like this. Maybe it’s because it’s Saturday too, so this is just feeling,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Alya (17) from Cikini, Central Jakarta, said he had missed visiting GBK. Therefore, Alya and her friends are willing to queue to get into the GBK ring road.

“I’m willing to stand in line because it’s not really been here since Corona,” said Alya, Sunday (6/28/2020).

“Fill in the boredom of the genre, just play a cellphone like this or chat with friends,” he continued.

Bung Karno Gelora (GBK) as well as the Tanah Abang Deputy Police Chief, Commissioner S Wahyudi said that people who queue will be allowed to enter when the ring road area is clear of visitors and sprayed with disinfectant. In addition, residents who were in line were asked to be in order.

“So we continue to appeal, do not let people want to be healthy but instead contract it later,” said Kompol S Wahyudi, Sunday (6/28/2020).

“As far as you can see, no one can avoid it. That is why our people are not bored to be encouraged. There is no one who is avoiding, orderly. The road to here always uses distance, so we continue to appeal,” he said.

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