The version of Zam: Dovi and the cross – MotoGP

Andrea Dovizioso takes part in a motocross race, falls and fractures his left collarbone. Tonight will be operated on in Modena by Dr. Porcellini: a plaque will be inserted to speed up recovery. Those close to Dovi ensure that the Ducati rider will be regularly on track for the tests in Jerez on July 15th and for the first championship race (July 19th). In any case, a bad blow did not take: it is clear that even with a very quick recovery, Andrea will still lose a few days of training, he will not be in the best condition.

When these accidents happen, the discussion inevitably comes alive among the fans: but is it really necessary for a World Championship rider to train with a motocross bike?

My answer is always the same: yes. All athletes, without exception, get hurt by training, even those who practice much less dangerous disciplines than motorcycling: training is part of the job, for a rider it would be much worse to prepare only in the gym (for example) both physically and psychological. I have always supported this thesis after the injuries of Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo (who fell in January 2019 while training on the dirt track, effectively compromising the whole season) and all the others, and I will continue to support it in future. A MotoGP rider needs to do motocross, for a thousand reasons, even though he knows very well that it can hurt himself.

This is my opinion, what do you think of it?