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The New England Patriots received sanctions from the NFL for illegally filming footage of the Cincinnati Bengals against the Cleveland Browns last December.

The news comes at the same time that the six-time Super Bowl squad have awarded quarterback Cam Newton a one-year contract.

According to information obtained by the ESPN network on Sunday evening, the “Pats” have been fined $ 1.1 million and will be deprived of their next third round choice.

In addition, the club’s television production team will not be allowed to film during all matches in the 2020 campaign. Senior team representatives will also be required to receive training on how the league works and its policies. .

Recall that last season, employees of the Patriots were caught filming the signals of the Bengals coaches on the press gallery. The New England organization then explained that it was simply an independent contractor who produced a promotional video and that it did not involve football officials. Members of the Bengals placed in the back of the cameramen had witnessed the scene.

A repeat offender, the Massachusetts club has been involved in cheating stories in the past, which the NFL has taken into account.

The “Pats” had been denied choices in the first round on two occasions for illegally using soccer balls or registering an opponent without their knowledge.

A Patriots spokesperson confirmed to ESPN that the team will not challenge the sanctions.




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