Spain league: the error expensive of Seville and the finale between Betis and Granada for the new date

It was a beginning more than entertaining and offered the 29th date of the Spanish League, in which the ball not to shoot to finish as soon as possible with the championship then brake for the pandemic coronavirus. First was a 1-1 draw when it looked like Sevilla had it all to celebrate before the Lift. Then, another equality that included an end to pure emotion for the 2-2 draw between real Betis and Granada.

Sevilla already savored the victory a bit to the end. The stakes of Lucas Ocampos and Ever Banega (they were replaced in the second time), was getting a new triumph in this return to the football. Winning the classic with Betis and wanted to extend his joy against Levante. But near the end it ended up a tie.

The Dutch De Jong had advance at the box Ocampos and Banega (Mute Vazquez not entered) at the start of the second period, but three minutes for the conclusion, the brazilian Diego Carlos scored against. He escaped the victory like water between the hands. Of not believing.

Anyway, Sevilla remains in third place with 51 points in positions of Champions in a great campaign. And the next Friday will receive the pointer to Barcelona in Andalusia.

Already in the second turn, Betis and Granada tied 2-2 in a match that delivered big thrills at the end.

Carlos Fernández Luna had put in advantage to the visitor to the 29 minutes of the first half. Betis fought until the end to straighten out the story and got the equal to five in the final with a penalty kick from Sergio Canales. But not content with that, and the 43 went ahead with a goal from Cristian Tello.

It seemed then that the celebration was left on the side of the premises, but the Grenade had time for a last reaction, and the ex-Real Madrid Roberto Soldado scored the ultimate equal-time discount to capture a ball that had been lost after a corner kick.



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