Scandal at the match Górnik Łęczna. Sick woman offended

  • – After the match my fiancee spoke to the perpetrator of the incident, but he did not admit that he insulted his mother – says Aron Stasiak
  • Football player Górnik Łęczna points out that he would not tell journalists about the case if the opponent expressed repentance and apologized
  • Adrian Liberacki did not want to talk to us. He just wrote that his opponent “wants to whiten”
  • Ms Joanna Stasiak does not have enough resources to treat the disease. Online collection is underway

Scandal at the end of the match

In the 82nd minute of the meeting Stasiak pushed the defender of the guests Adrian Liberacki, for which he received a red card. As it turns out, just before the whole event there was a short but very sharp conversation. According to the home player, the rival insulted his mother.

– It was after a foul on me. A friend set the ball for a free kick and I entered the penalty area. The Bytovia player complained about the referee, after which a short dialogue actually took place. He said chu ** you will get promotion. I asked if his team would be promoted and then I heard: “Well, you *** will have. How is your old hen ** *** ***.” I pushed him away, but he fell down just because he wanted to force a red card – he tells Onet Stasiak .

– When I started towards the cloakroom, tears came out of my eyes. I had different emotions, including anger at my rival, but also at myself that I was provoked. And sadness that I will not appear in the next match with the Blue Stargard. It’s close to my family home, so the whole family, including my mother, was to appear at the meeting – adds the player.

– After the match, my fiancee approached the rivals’ locker room. She asked one of the players who insulted me, but he said he heard nothing. It wasn’t until later that my fiancée realized that he was talking about my mother this way. I suppose he didn’t know about her illness, otherwise he would have bitten his tongue. But even in this case he should not talk about her like that – says Stasiak.

Support from Górnik Łęczna

The matter is even more scandalous because Joanna Stasiak is suffering from cancer of both breasts. She heard the diagnosis at the beginning of March. A charity fundraiser has started on the website because the costs of treatment are very high. – Mum will have both breasts removed and then rehabilitated. The fight against cancer is not short, so if someone wants to help us, we will be very grateful – says Stasiak.

On June 6, players of Górnik Łęczna came out to the match against Stal Stalowa Wola in shirts saying: “Joanna, we are with you.” The woman did not hide her emotion. Thank you very much for such a gesture. I didn’t think I would receive support from so many people. I believed in the power of selfless help, but it all exceeded my wildest expectations. It fills me with great strength and hope. You are amazing – she wrote in social media.

Adrian Liberacki: the rival wants to whitewash

We contacted the perpetrator of the whole commotion, Adrian Liberacki, to present his position. The Bytovia player did not agree, however. He wrote to us that “he does not want to make publicity, because this boy will be hung anyway”. – He got a stupid red card and wants to whiten. Mother’s disease is weak, but I do not want to talk too much, because I have already given extensive interview and I would like to end it – he wrote.

– If he apologized after the match and said he was carried away, it would be over. I would tell reporters that the case is closed. But until now I have not received any apologies from this player. My mother, who got very sorry, wrote to him herself, but did not receive an answer – ends Stasiak.


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