Ricardo La Volpe said he would ‘paint the face’ of Riquelme in tactics

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Ricardo Antonio La Volpe you want to have a second stage in the Boca Juniors, but now not as a coach, but as a manager, and incidentally took the opportunity to criticize Juan roman riquelme, since, it affirmed, it could teach many things to him of tactics.

Riquelme is vice president of the Xeneize team and El Bigotón said that speaking of tactics, it paints the face of the former soccer player.

“It would be great if Riquelme call me as CEO. It could teach him many things about what is the tactics and strategy in soccer. A Riquelme I turn it like a stocking talking about tactics, I paint his face, “La Volpe told DirecTV Sports.

The former spokesman took the second vice presidency of Boca in 2019 and since then has been criticized even by Diego Armando Maradona.

The Volpe already knows what it is to be with the xeneizes since in 2006 he directed them. He took the leading team in the competition and headed for the title after Alfio Basile’s departure to the Argentina National Team and with a 6 point advantage ended up losing the championship with Estudiantes de La Plata in a tiebreaker match.

And so assured he knew a lot of tactics that he said where he would put Riquelme to play.

“I was against 4-3-1-2 which was no longer used in the world. The coupling was absorbed by the two containment. I would put Riquelme on the loose, I wouldn’t put it on hook ”, he added.

In the same interview La Volpe repeated that he will not retire of the career of technical director. “It’s a lie that I retired as a coach. I got tired of soccer because they didn’t give me the players I needed. Everything is handled by the representatives, “concluded the talk.




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