Ricardo La Volpe asks for a job at Boca Juniors

Ricardo La Volpe He was very hurt with some Boca Juniors players, when he led them in 2006.

When asked about the role that Juan Román Riquelme now has in the Argentine team, where he is CEO, the ‘Bigotón’ said: “It could teach him many things about what is the tactics and strategy in soccer. I turn Riquelme like a stocking talking about tactics, I paint her face. It would be great if Riquelme calls me as CEO“.

In an interview with the DirecTV Sports channel, he pointed out that he could very well return to direct the xeneizes and even said how he would play and where he would put Juan Román, if he still played. “The coupling was absorbed by the two containment midfielders. I would have let Riquelme loose“And to justify his failure in 2006, when he lost the advantage that Alfio Basile left him in Boca Juniors, he mentioned:”I was against 4-3-1-2 that was no longer used in the world”.

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He reiterated that he has not withdrawn from the technical direction: “It’s a lie that I retired as a coach. I got tired of soccer, because they didn’t give me the players I needed. Everything is handled by representatives”.




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