Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are all in doubt

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Rafael Nadal carefully considers whether or not to play a Slam between the US Open or Roland Garros. According to his uncle Toni Nadal, who coached Rafa from an early age, later becoming director of the Spanish Academy of Mallorca, Rafa is not certain that he will play in New York or Paris.

Toni Nadal, speaking with ESPN Deportes, is not sure whether his nephew will participate in one or the other Slam, because he could be physically affected: “I have spoken to Rafa and he has doubts about the tournaments to play.

The schedule is absurd, there are too many major tournaments in a few weeks. The program developed by ATP goes against veterans and players with multiple titles such as Rafa and Novak Djokovic. I am very surprised by the programming “.

Then Uncle Toni revealed: “I think it is important to publicly protest on the calendar because it is not possible to concentrate certain tournaments in such a short time, where among other things Rafa also defends the title both in Paris and in New York”.

Nadal also has 2000 ranking points to defend to defend the champion at the US Open and the French Open.

Andy Murray’s doubts

Andy Murray also has many doubts. Doubts about security conditions. The Scotsman expressed his fears about the safety of the players to move quickly from one surface to the other: “It is not sure that the players pass from the semifinals or from the final to New York, quarter of the season, and then you are playing on Tuesday at Madrid at high altitude on the clay court when the players have not competed for a long time.

“None of the best players have competed a week before a Slam. The rankings, if you can keep the points as they are, could be a little skewed.” So Murray said, “It might be worth looking at potentially two years of rankings for the time being so that the guys who did well last year and can’t defend their points properly aren’t punished.

There are big tournaments every single week and it will be very difficult for players who win constantly to engage in so many events. I just think we have to be a little careful with the rankings. “Much will also depend on the situation linked to the trend of the global pandemic, but today many tennis players have doubts about the rest of the season.


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