PKO EKstraklasa. Wisla Płock – ŁKS. Match result and report

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In the clash of the two worst league teams in 2020, better Wisła Płock. The oil men won the second victory in the spring and are very close to being in the Premier League. ŁKS Łódź, on the other hand, says goodbye to her in a shameful style. Coach Wojciech Stawowy still without a victory as a trainer of the Knights of Spring.

If the defenders of ŁKS were in a hurry somewhere recently, it was in the first league, since for 17 years no team has fallen from the league as quickly as in the current season two-time Polish champions, for which the defenders’ gaffs significantly contributed. Because they were in no hurry on the pitch to disturb their opponents, which on Saturday was meticulously used by Cillian Sheridan and Piotr Tomasik. Especially the Irishman ridiculed the dynamics of the White-Red-White stopwatches – Carlos Moros Gracia and Maciej Dąbrowski. Michał Marcjanik sent a long, several dozen meter pass behind the back of this duo, Dąbrowski miscalculated the ball’s flight path, Moros Gracia started with support and one could get the impression that a sprinter got lost by mistake at the stadium in Płock. This is what Sheridan looked like in Spain, who fled without a problem and scored a goal. 1: 0. Later, in a somewhat less spectacular way, Tomasik jumped to play Hubert Adamczyk, scored a goal, it was 2: 0 and no one doubted that after the match. There was no chance that ŁKS at this point in the game, after so many blows, could get up.

Or maybe we would come to Tomaszów for the day? – wrote Julian Tuwim, born in Łódź. The sporting director of the Knights of Spring Krzysztof Przytuła did not quote the great poet before leaving for this city, but it was worth it without that, since he spotted goalkeeper David Arndt there. The 18-year-old debuted in the Premier League on Saturday and presented himself positively. Maybe he didn’t help with lost goals, but he wasn’t at fault, but he impressed in several other situations. Whether before the break at Sheridan’s head bump or in the second part of the competition after the shots of Giorgi Merebaszwili and Uryga. He was also lucky when the post saved him in the extra time. The goalkeeper born in 2001 next season is to be the basic player of ŁKS and after his premiere performance there is some reason for optimism for fans.

Stawowy officially announced that the last queues will be treated as the start of preparations for the next competition (therefore in the starting eleven fit four youth) and after the first “sparring” deficiencies for improvement has a lot. ŁKS again lost football in front of his own penalty area, he lacked fluidity of action, on the offensive he was rarely able to threaten Wisła. The oil men seemed to be well aware that they would not be hurt and that from the beginning of the second half they were only waiting for the end of the meeting. They waited and have four points ahead of relegation zone four games before the league finish. Drop hazard – minimal.

WISŁA PŁOCK – ŁKS ŁÓDŹ 2: 0 (2: 0)

Goals: Sheridan 19, Tomasik 38

Yellow cards: Maciej Ambrosiewicz, Michał Marcjanik – Jan Sobociński, Guima, Maciej Wolski

Judge: Łukasz Szczech (Kobyłka)

Wisla Płock: Krzysztof Kamiński – Cezary Stefańczyk, Michał Marcjanik, Alan Uryga, Angel Garcia – Maciej Ambrosiewicz, Dominik Furman – Mateusz Szwoch, Hubert Adamczyk (66. Giorgi Merebaszwili), Piotr Tomasik (90. Dawid Kocyła) – Cillian Sheridan (61. Karol Angielski)

ŁKS Łódź: Dawid Arndt – Jan Grzesik, Carlos Moros Gracia, Maciej Dąbrowski, Jan Sobociński (69. Łukasz Sekulski) – Maciej Wolski – Michał Trąbka, Przemysław Sajdak (59. Pirulo), Guima, Adam Ratajczyk – Jakub Wróbel (90. Antonio Dominguez)



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