Pjanic’s declaration of love for Real Madrid in 2009

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The concept of ‘damn newspaper archive’ It is commonly used to highlight the contradictions in the positioning of public figures. The idea can also be applied in the soccer to point out players who declare their love for a certain club and end up playing in the eternal revto the. This is the case of the brand new signing of Barcelona
, Miralem Pjanic, who in 2009 revealed his madridismo in an interview to the French portal Casinoweb.

I’m from Real Madrid since the times of Zidane and Ronaldo, when I fell in love. Since then it’s my preferred club and always will be“Said the then footballer of the Olympique Lyonnais. How could it be otherwise, these statements have gone viral once the arrival of Pjanic al Barça.

After weeks of rumors, the Barcelona has made the arrival of the Bosnian midfielder official after confirming the sale of Arthur to Juventus from Turin, in an operation that is an unofficial football trading card exchange.

Pjanic He has already appeared before the Catalan fans through a video, in which he expressed himself in Catalan and has assured that he will give everything for his new club.


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