Patch notes for ‘Dota 2’ 7.27 Update Bring important changes to the elements

Valve started patch 7.27 for Dota 2and instead of the usual hero changes, we’ve received a large list of updates for many of the items in the game.

There are some more general non-item changes in gameplay, such as: B. the crawl bearings in the middle lane, which change from medium to small bearings, and the Prowler bearing, which is completely removed from the game.

However, the real flesh of the patch lies in the item changes, with some of the more powerful items receiving much-needed nerfs and the weaker items receiving buffs to try to make them more viable.

The most popular element of the previous patch was the Necronomicon, also known as the Necro Book. Because of its popularity, it has been seriously refined, completely removing the archer’s aura, significantly reducing attack damage and reducing mana regeneration. These changes should make them lose popularity and not appear in every game played.

A new base item called Blitz Knuckles has been added Dota 2 with patch 7.27. The item grants an attack speed of +35 for 1000 gold and is also used in building a Monkey King Bar to replace the Quarterstaff.

Another new addition is the Voodoo Mask, a 900 gold item that grants + 12% magic life robbery. Similar to the Blitz Knuckles, the main purpose seems to be to build a bigger goal, this time with the items needed to make an Octarine core.

Support players have also received some good news with the patch as the cost of smoke has been reduced from just 80 gold to just 50 gold. In the book of knowledge, the price was also reduced to just 75 gold, which corresponds to a massive reduction of 50%. You can also buy more guard posts for the card as the refill cooling has been reduced from 90 seconds to 85 seconds.

Many of the neutral items have also changed, with perhaps the most entertaining one coming from the level five pirate hat. Instead of stealing gold when you get a kill, you can now dig for a head rune every 40 seconds, giving your team a significant gold boost.

The full list of patch notes is pretty long, but hardcore Dota Fans will want to try it out to shake hands with their opponents when they go into the games this week.




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