Mirko Antonucci, the promise of Italian football who was fired for posting hot photos with his girlfriend

Mirko Antonucci, a promising footballer belonging to Roma and who registers steps for the youth teams of Italy, was separated from Vitória de Setúbal of Portugal, club in which he was on loan, for uploading hot photos with his girlfriend to networks social.

“The player must be a player for Vitória de Setúbal 24 hours a day, out of respect for the club, the fans and what he represents,” said the club’s coach, Spanish Julio Velázquez.

“The club, the management, the technical team and all the staff understood that the behavior of a player who was on loan was not what we wanted for Vitoria,” added Velázquez, arguing the reasons for firing Antonucci.

The 21-year-old forward had already received warnings from Vitória for his posts on Instagram and Tik Tok with his girlfriend, influencer Ginevra Lambruschi. In fact, Antonucci himself had spoken about it on social networks.

“This message is to say that I am fully aware of the mistakes I have made. MI would like to apologize to all those who have been offended: fans, club, coach, colleagues. I’m going to leave social networks and from now on you’ll only see me sweat the Vitória de Setúbal shirt to the last drop, “said the young footballer through an Instagram post.

But Vitória’s board chose to put an early term on his loan in Setúbal (the loan ended at the end of the season), so he must return to Roma, the club that owns his pass.




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