Manchester City will honor the English champions “Liverpool” – Football

In football, it is assumed that the champions ‘opponents in the next game with football players’ alley and applause honor the title winners. Liverpool secured the title on Thursday when its fiercest rival City conceded London Chelsea 1: 2.

On Thursday, the two teams will meet at the Manchester club headquarters Etihad, and the City team will be obliged to honor their opponents. The Court, in view of the restrictive measures, was concerned that the traditional guard of honor might not take place due to the requirements of social distancing.

City head coach Joseph Guardiola confirmed that Liverpoolers will be well-congratulated on Thursday.

“Of course there will be a guard of honor. Let’s try to pay unforgettable honor to Liverpool when they come to our home. Let’s do it because they deserve it,” Guardiola said.

Liverpool footballers returned to the throne of England after a 30-year hiatus.

Liverpool’s team for the English champions was crowned 19 times. The first title was won in 1901, but to this day the last – in 1990. A particularly successful era was in the last century from the seventies to the nineties, when 11 championship titles were won in 18 years, including three in a row.

This is the first championship title for Liverpoolers in the Premier League era.

The Manchester City team has been crowned Premier League champions for the past two seasons.




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