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Former Formula 1 promoter and actually the creator of the world’s most prestigious racing series in its current form, Bernie Ecclestone has responded to allegations of racism that fell upon him after saying that “many blacks are more racist than white.” According to Mr. Ecclestone, it is not his fault that he is white, or that he did not come out tall. “I realized that I had to put up with this. And Black should take care of himself, ”said Bernie Ecclestone, noting that he was not afraid of threats to deprive him of access to the race. “Let them try to do it in Russia. I’ll somehow get a pass, ”he said.

Bernie Ecclestone’s statement that “many blacks are more racist than they were before” provoked the expected sharp reaction in Formula 1. So, six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton called the position of Ecclestone “sad and disappointing.” “Bernie left our sport, and he is from another generation. But it is precisely such ignorant comments that show how far we are from making real equality possible. Now I completely understand why nothing has been done and said in our sport so that it becomes more diverse, and in order to respond to the racial harassment that I have encountered throughout my career, ”said Hamilton.

In turn, the current head of “Formula 1” Chase Kerry hastened to disown Bernie Ecclestone, calling his position unacceptable and saying that the status of honorary chairman of “Formula 1”, which Ecclestone received after the control over the series passed American Liberty Media , “Expired in June.” Also, the leadership of Formula 1 discusses the possibility of denying Ecclestone the right to attend races.

“Prohibit me from appearing on races? “I would not advise doing this,” Bernie Ecclestone told the Daily Mail. “They can try, for example, in Russia. I think I’ll get a pass. ”

Bernie Ecclestone spoke more than once flattering about Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whose assistance it became possible to host the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi.

We also note that Ecclestone still has good relations with team leaders and national stage organizers. That is, in fact, excommunication from his presence at the race is really not easy.

Bernie Ecclestone also touched on his relationship with Chase Kerry and his words that he is no longer the honorary chairman of Formula 1. “When Chase asked me to resign, he talked a lot about how important the title offered to me. He said that in the USA people are ready to kill for such a thing. But that doesn’t matter to me, ”said Bernie Ecclestone.“ I got my doctorate from Imperial College London 20 years ago. But I do not introduce myself as Dr. Ecclestone. And I’m glad that I have no relation to the management of Formula 1. After all, now I can’t be blamed for everything they did. They raised this topic with racism because of what is happening in America. But maybe Chase will do something that could please the shareholders? COVID is luck for him. All failures can be blamed on a pandemic. ”

As for the allegations of racism, they are sure, Bernie Ecclestone, unfounded.

“I am not against blacks. On the contrary. I always helped them. In my life I have met many whites that I did not like, but not a single black. I was robbed a couple of times. Once they were three black guys. I got to the hospital then. But even after that, he never opposed black. Yes, and I do not perceive Hamilton as black or something else. He’s just Lewis, ”said Bernie Ecclestone. However, he believes that “if a person was refused work, then you must first find out why,” and not go straight to the marches, which, in his opinion, are now “quasi-Marxists”. “If you ask them what exactly they need, they won’t say it,” says Ecclestone.

“It’s not my fault that I’m white,” continued Bernie Ecclestone. “As well as the fact that he did not come out tall. At school they called me shorty. But then I realized that I had to deal with it. So Black should take care of himself. ”

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