La Volpe “applies” to Boca Juniors and pays Juan Román Riquelme a bag: “I give him a turn and a half when talking about tactics”

Ricardo La Volpe does not have much filter. And this was demonstrated, once again, by analyzing whether he would like to return to Boca Juniors at some point and in a position.

Of course, he quickly hit a stick to Juan roman riquelme, his eventual “boss” by being vice president and in charge of the entire structure of football Xeineize noting that “it paints his face” if it is about talking about strategies.

“It would be great if, if you can’t call me as a technician, you call me as CEO. Today they see 34 or 35 thousand players and then they don’t get one, so it could be the CEO, ”the former Mexican coach told DirecTV Sports.

“It could teach him many questions of strategy and tactics in soccer. I put it on a blackboard and turn it like an average ”, Shooting.

On Carlos Tevezcommented that “He is still an important player. There are players who at a certain age lower their performance, but he is still important and he is ready. ”

“He must be an important player for the coach and it is good that I reach an agreement to find a goal that would be very important for Boca ”, he added.

Riquelme returned to Boca as a manager and immediately scored a big bean: he was champion, winning the tug at River Plate and with Miguel Ángel Russo as DT.

Finally, Bigotón stated that It would even change his natural and lifelong position for Román, considered the last 10.

“I would not play with Riquelme coupling, I would use it as a loose interior, on the right or on the left. To those players you have to tell them that there is a little work when the ball is lost, ”he finished.

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