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It was necessary to postpone the nomination of Zaitseva. Why did they set up the Olympic champion – Biathlon News

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On the eve of the Biathlon Union of Russia published the official list of candidates for elected posts for an extraordinary conference, which will be held July 11 in the suburbs. The list includes three candidates for the presidency – the current head of the SBR Vladimir Drachev, vice president Victor Maigurov and the head of the biathlon federation Saint Petersburg Dmitry Vasiliev. The latter, however, said that he was going to withdraw his candidacy.

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A big competition is expected in the board of the RRF: 17 people submitted documents, while 9 plus the president will be included in the final composition. Among the candidates, the figure of the two-time Olympic champion Olga Zaitseva, who was nominated by the Moscow Biathlon Federation, is striking. On the one hand, everything is logical: Zaitseva is the absolute star of our sport, she worked as a head coach for some time and, in general, clearly has the necessary level of competencies to enter the board. But on the other, Olga was officially found guilty of violating anti-doping rules at the 2014 Games in Sochi.

The athlete does not admit her guilt, filed an appeal, the hearing of which took place in March this year. But while there is no other verdict, Zaitsev is considered guilty.

And put forward a person with such a story on the board, given that the SBR due to doping charges and so on the verge of exclusion from the international federation … This is, to put it mildly, bold.

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Olga was at the vote and thanked everyone for their trust

– The Moscow Biathlon Federation, like all regional federations, had to nominate its delegate to participate in the conference, as well as nominate a candidate for the board, – said trainer and sister Zaitseva Oksana Rocheva. – Olga’s candidacy for the board was supported by an absolute majority of votes.

– Doesn’t it bother you that Olga was found guilty of violating anti-doping rules? And there is still no decision on her appeal.

– It is very painful for me to speak on this subject. I know how we trained, how we worked with Olga. And two hundred percent sure that the whole story has a purely political background. Olga throughout her career has proved that she is beyond any suspicion. And when they voted for her, no one stood up and asked this question. Nobody even thought of such a thing.

– Does Olga herself have a desire and the opportunity to fully work in the RRF?

She was present during the vote and thanked everyone for their trust. Over the years, she managed to get a second education, raise a young child to her feet. A.

Oksana Rocheva

trainer and sister Zaitseva

In fact, six years have passed since Sochi. It’s time for Olga to move on, decide some new challenges.

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Zaitseva’s nomination is a dubious decision

– What do you think about the nomination of Olga Zaitseva in the light of the fact that she is accused of doping at the Games in Sochi, and the case is still open? – a question to Dmitry Vasiliev.

– This is a dubious decision. But I do not think that Olga herself was the initiator of this nomination. I treat her with great respect, and I believe that in terms of human and professional qualities, she is one of the most worthy athletes in our country. Unfortunately, such an unpleasant situation has developed. And therefore, it seems to me, it was still necessary to postpone this advance. Although I am sure that in the future Zaitsev must be involved in the work in the RRF. But not today.

– You yourself did not change your mind to refuse to participate in the election of the President of the RRF?

– The problem is that, according to the regulations, candidates for the post of president and members of the Board of the RRF must provide the mass of papers to the federation: statements, a questionnaire, and so on. I didn’t imagine anything. How then did I end up among the presidential candidates? I did not submit the necessary package of documents, which means they should have removed me automatically. That this has not yet happened, once again speaks of the level of professionalism of the current RRF.

– Apparently, will you support Viktor Maigurov in the elections?

– I would not like to give any estimates now, because this is the business of the delegates. What decision they make – they live with it. Two years ago, I supported Maigurov, as I initially understood that Drachev was weak as a leader and could not cope.

Dmitry Vasiliev


But the regions decided differently, and now must bear at least moral responsibility.

Natalya Maryanchik

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