Is Kevin Stefanski already looking to replace Baker Mayfield?

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The former Minnesota Vikings assistant could already mix things up in Cleveland.

When the Cleveland Browns decided to hire former Minnesota Vikings attacking coordinator Kevin Stefanski as their new head coach, they brought him in to change the fortune of a franchise that did not make the playoffs. playoffs since 2002.

To do this, Stefanski knows that he may have to make drastic decisions with which people are likely to disagree. But at the same time, how are the Browns going to change things without changing the way they usually do things?

Although Cleveland already has a starting quarterback in place for the 2020 season at Baker Mayfield, the former Vikings assistant coach and his new team learned about a former MVP flagman this year according to a recent report.

Former assistant to the Minnesota Vikings, keeping his quarterback options open.

Following the New England Patriots’ announcement of Cam Newton’s signing on Sunday, information began to flow about some of the other teams who had expressed interest in adding the veteran quarterback.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday, Stefanski and the Browns were among those teams that had discussions with Newton during the off season. Schefter went on to say that Cleveland had never made a formal offer to the former Carolina Panthers quarterback and that their discussions with him were “very brief.”

This is likely the case with a team just doing due diligence and seeing what kind of role Newton was interested in having in 2020. If he was ready to be a replacement, Stefanski and the Browns might have tried more to add it. to their list.

Currently, Cleveland has former Minnesota quarterback Case Keenum as their No. 2 guy behind Mayfield. Keenum has shown his ability to make games in the past, but it’s not a hard argument to argue that Newton would have been a much better save for the Browns if he was willing to be out.

So Cleveland taking a little interest in the new quarter of the Patriots is not something that should give the impression that the new regime is already looking to leave Mayfield. Stefanski has already praised his current starting quarterback since assuming the position of head coach of the Browns and will do everything he can to get the most out of his young flagman during of the coming season.

If Mayfield has another disappointing campaign in 2020, don’t be surprised if the former Vikings’ offensive coordinator tries to find a different quarterback in 2021 to help turn the tide in Cleveland.


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