Football England – Ang: Overly party fans, Liverpool deprived of Anfield?

Since Thursday, and the coronation of Liverpool, fans of the Reds celebrate this in the streets and without social distancing. As a result, Salah and his teammates could be deprived of Anfield.

They’ve been waiting for this for 30 years, Liverpool fans keep celebrating the title of Champion of England won this season by the team of Jurgen Klopp. Since Thursday evening, and the defeat of Manchester City in Chelsea, thousands of fans of the Reds invade the streets of Liverpool in defiance of the health rules imposed in England where the coronavirus has wreaked havoc. In addition, on Friday evening, violent clashes took place between 300 supporters and police. So, on the side of the Reds and the city, we plan to hit hard if things do not calm down. The Daily Mail claims that Joe Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool, asked the club to quickly appeal to the fans so that it all stopped immediately.

And if this call is not enough then the club could have the security certificate given to Anfield immediately withdrawn, which would then force Liverpool to play its last home games away from their legendary stadium. The meetings against Aston Villa, Burnley and Chelsea would be relocated in order to avoid new massive regroupings around Anfield. At a time when there is talk of a possible reconfiguration of Leicester, a city where the cases of covid19 explode, Liverpool wants to avoid an event as festive as the title of champion of England football cause such a decision. Reds supporters to understand the message while waiting to celebrate this national crown later.



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