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First Slavia, now Liverpool. It turned out fantastically, it’s about coaches, says Šmicer

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In just two days, the former teams of the football international Vladimír Šmic won league titles.

On Wednesday, Prague’s Slavia rejoiced in the defense, and a day later it ended the thirty-year wait for Liverpool’s league championship. Šmicer was all the happier in the title of the English team that he did not manage to win during his time with the “Reds” league. Although he has won other trophies with the club, he is a little jealous of current Liverpool players.

“It turned out beautifully, because Slavia was the first to do so, because she won with Pilsen. I really wanted them to win the match and show that they are the best in the league, and they succeeded. I was very happy that “Liverpool added, it was only a matter of time, because the lead they have is huge. I was pleased that it came together,” said Smicer.

“I like that one day you will celebrate the title with Slavia and the next day with Liverpool. Fantastic. I’m glad it came out before the weekend, because we will definitely celebrate it somewhere with friends. We are on a trip around Moravia, we have some footballs and tennis and it is on that occasion that we have evenings to sit down. Today we have to be in the cellar, so we will have a drink for the two titles there, “said the 47-year-old Šmicer.

He won three titles with Slavia and added another league championship in Lens, but in Liverpool he did not succeed in the same act. “We’re all very happy. It was a goal for us that we didn’t meet, and now I really wish those guys a lot, because I know what it means for Liverpool fans. Of course, I envy them a little that they did it and we didn’t. I wish them so much and I’m happy because it’s been 30 years, “said Šmicer, who won the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and the European Super Cup, the English Cup and twice the League Cup with” Reds “between 1999 and 2005.

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According to him, the coaches played a significant role in the triumph of Liverpool and Slavia. “Both (Jürgen) Klopp and (Jindřich) Trpišovský have a lot of credit for that, because without an excellent coach you won’t win a title in both the Czech and English leagues. It’s no coincidence that you make a title. Both coaches deserve a huge thumbs up this season. , “Smicer said.

“You have to have a team builder there and the coach is, of course, the most important person, because you want the players on your side. If they don’t fight for you or fight, you wouldn’t achieve such success,” said Šmicer, who also played for Bordeaux.

From the beginning, he believed that Klopp, who came to Anfield in October 2015, would end the wait for the title. “I trusted him and I was hoping for it, because everywhere he was, whether it was Mainz and then Dortmund, his teams played great football, played offensively and achieved success with them. I believed that he would put the team together that Liverpool he will learn to play his Klopp offensive style and it has been confirmed, “said the European vice – champion from 1996 and bronze holder from Euro 2004.

“Every season in Liverpool, the team went up. He had better results and now it culminated not only in winning the Champions League last year, but in winning the title after 30 years. It was the biggest dream of this generation of fans who have not experienced the last title 30 years ago. Now it has come true and he has succeeded. He has entered the history of Liverpool coaches, “Šmicer said of the Stuttgart native.

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He believes Klopp is Liverpool’s best coach for the past 30 years. “Rafael Benítez or Gérard Houllier have won a lot of trophies, but they haven’t been able to win the title. Klopp has already won the Champions League and Club World Cup and now the Premier League. He has managed to win everything. who have ever been there, “said Smicer.

“Players would be almost stupid to leave Liverpool because they play in the best team in the world. It can be seen that the team is able to win any competition and that the players are happy to be playing together and have finally been able to win after 30 years. for Liverpool title, “stated a native of Děčín.

Unlike Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush, he does not want to anticipate other possible successes of the “Reds”. “If you win a league with such a lead, you feel like you could go on like this for another few years. To say that we have won the league now and will win it for another two or three years, I would not like to do so. The Premier League is a tough competition, terribly open, “said Smicer.


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