Coronavirus cases in Atlético Nacional are from footballers

Atlético Nacional was the first soccer team in the country to perform coronavirus tests on all members of the club and on Monday confirmed that, Of the 57 people who were examined, two had a positive test result.

The team preferred not to reveal the identities of those who contracted COVID-19, although it specified that both are asymptomatic, in good health and they are duly isolated in their homes.

However, hours after the Nacional statement, journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez was encouraged to confirm that positive cases of coronavirus in the team correspond to footballers, who knows their names, but will not say them.

I am very sorry for the two Nacional players, I know that they are fine, that they are asymptomatic, I know their names, but that is not the point. Also, there must be a secret, like that of confession. One does not have to be saying things, unless they want it to be said, but they are going to recover, ”said the commentator in his editorial on the ‘Planeta football’ program.


Vélez once again opined that Colombian football should continue its course towards the resumption of competitions as scheduled, beyond the occurrence of cases of coronavirus in the teams, which is normal and has occurred in all the leagues of the world.

“And tomorrow in Cali they will surely come out (positive cases), and in Millionaires and Junior, in all those teams, and nothing will happen, they will be cured, and the others will continue,” the journalist concluded.

In the coming weeks, all Colombian soccer clubs will have to test their members for coronavirus tests, in order to return to training and at the end of August or beginning of September to play again in the stadiums of the country.



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