CLOCK: Alexander Zverev violates the quarantine rules after promising self-isolation

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The Adria Tour was an exhibition event started by Novak Djokovic. Many great players like Alexander Zverev played this event and many people enjoyed watching it. Unfortunately, this event has had some negative effects since many players including Novak have been infected with the coronavirus.

Zverev wasn’t one of them, but he still apologized for putting people at risk by playing the event in a tweet. And in the same tweet, he also said he would self-isolate himself. But from the video below, it doesn’t seem to self-isolate. Check it out.

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Alexander Zverev Non self-insulating

As you can see in the video above, Alexander Zverev is at a party where there are so many people. Clearly, there are no social distance guidelines followed here that many will find very surprising after what happened with the Adria Tour.

This party reminds many of us of the parties at the Novak exhibition event. In those parts, nobody followed the guidelines on social distancing and many said it was the reason why some tennis players were infected with the coronavirus.

This was disputed by people like Goran Ivanisevic who claimed that the virus could have spread from anywhere and not just from the party. Nobody knows who is right but it will not change COVID-19 cases among tennis players.

I was angry with everyone as a child, says Alexander Zverev

Many tennis players are concerned about what recent cases could mean for the ATP Tour. Some have even said that it could mean the end of the 2020 season. ATP hasn’t mentioned this in any way, but they are expected to increase their security measures.

Above all, every single person hopes that infected players will recover soon so that they can play the ATP Tour when they return in August. I hope that’s exactly what happens.


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