Chori Domínguez: “I am very proud to have returned to River at the worst time”

A football globetrotter who came to put his shoulder to the place he loves in the most difficult moment, that is Alejabdro Domínguez, the Chori. He started in Quilmes, he was U-20 World champion in a tournament where he suffered a serious injury and also walked his football in Russia, Spain and Greece. However, his heart is painted red and white and he has been able to demonstrate it with more than enough. In an Instagram live with Atilio Costa Febre, the 39-year-old forward spoke of absolutely everything.

Hit the lap at the worst time: “It all starts with Fernando (Cavenaghi) because we had the same representative, Néstor Sivori. He was in Brazil, I still had one more year left in Valencia but I asked to see if there was any possibility of leaving, both of us were able to free ourselves and eventually come to River. I am personally very proud to have come at the worst time. We wanted to be there, to be able to help and beyond the responsibility that had to be achieved the goal ”.

A difficult challenge: “We found a very young squad, with a badly beaten club, we had no places to train, the locker rooms were destroyed. There were many things that led to the descent. The older players of that moment, that we were the ones who had to direct everything, lead by example and I think that by talking a lot and with a lot of patience we were leading the younger ones and we were able to promote what was important. ”

River Country: “I had played in Nacional B with Quilmes, I knew what awaited us but the reception from the people in the Interior was spectacular. That’s when we started to say hi, sign autographs and all that. Court that we were going, was exploited by River ”.

The most celebrated final, by far: “I was at the Bernabéu, I lived as a fan of the Madrid final, I don’t know if you can repeat something like that, for me it was impressive. In addition to everything lived in recent times, it was the icing on the cake. Pity’s goal was a huge relief.

Being away from homea: “When you are in River you do not realize the dimension it has and what it means to play in the club. When you leave you start to miss and realize what it really is. Everyone is behind you so you can be in the best way and perform, that in other places does not happen to you. You have all the comforts, you value it when you are in another country and you don’t have all that anymore ”.

Pride: “I am very proud of my career. Thankful to God for everything I could achieve, especially after that famous injury I had in 2001 where it was not known if it would turn out well. It was truly a gift for me after being able to go to River and do it with a lot of joy and a lot of effort too. ”

Present: “I live in Majadaonda and honestly, everything is a little bit better around here, we went to phase 3, they opened the borders, you can move, go wherever you want but be careful, above all, always have a mask and keep a certain logical distance from people.”




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