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Bundesliga board Ebenbauer: “Rapid has a real problem”

by archysport

In Switzerland, it is planned to release everything from September if mouth-nose protection is worn. I hope that the development remains that we can talk to the Minister of Health about further improvements. With a maximum of 10,000 international matches, European Cup games and the league hits of some clubs are massively affected. Rapid, for example, has a real problem – this is already clear with around 13,000 subscribers.

The next season can only start on September 11th. The fall season is going to be a winter season, right?

Yes, it will have to be played in January. Unfortunately, it was not possible to play games with a maximum of 10,000 spectators in August. Every day counts, the basic schedule has to be decided at the beginning of July. I have to announce that the next season will be really tough.

Many professional clubs are fighting for economic survival in the Corona crisis. Are there any government pledges to make up for lost sales?

We are in very close talks with the government, we are doing everything we can to get results as quickly as possible. Time is running out! We actually need binding commitments by the end of the season. It’s also about every day.

Has the mode with division of the league and division of points proven itself after almost two rounds?

When I look at what would be possible with this mode and how much tension has actually arisen, my answer is: clearly yes!

Is the second division with 16 clubs and semi-professional structures of wisdom the last word?

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