Barcelona – Baskonia (67-69): Baskonia, an extraordinary champion: knock out Barcelona and win the Endesa League | ACB 2019

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So extraordinary was the return of basketball, that the Final phase It was an unrealizable dream just a few weeks ago and I had to have a solution out of the ordinary. He Baskonia is a extraordinary champion. His throne will be as legitimate as the previous three were, but his 2020 be unforgettable for so many things. For the basket of Vildoza, for example. A team completely devastated before the break by the pandemic, which did not Copa del Rey disputed, triumphantly emerged from the Fonteta after plucking a Barcelona who was stunned by the strength of the boys from Dusko Ivanovic, who played with the knife between their teeth, as if the same life were in the stake.

A decade without taking a title in their mouths they carried in Vitoria, a crossing in the desert too long and without any sign of rising in the future. Who was going to tell them that this was their chance, that old Dusko was going to find the formula again. What guys like Polonara or Vildoza -MVP of the final- were going to be their heroes to remember. The day they ruined a Just gafado, without a trace of their star, without a soul the night they had the reconquest for which they spent millions and millions at their fingertips.

The physical demand was going to determine everything from dawn. Playing the limit is the norm in modern basketball, where the refereeing criteria make so many things. But in the DNA of both pages was that aggressiveness, the one that marks the palms of the hands hitting the ground, challenging, Pierri Henry. Or the ability to be in several places on the court at the same time Vctor Claver. Bara only committed two fouls in the first quarter, where only his losses (six) penalized him. He survived on up to eight free throws, although extreme equality was the only thing.

In the second unit duel, the Bara was going to take the palm at that time. Why Heurtel, more and more similar to that of before injuries that had ruined his season, is an absolute luxury from the bench, one of the bases with more capacity for imbalance and scoring on the continent. With Oriola to the defense command -each Baskonist point was costing a visit to the dentist-, those of Pesic launched themselves, spurred on the genius of the Gallic base, who made a threat of breaking the game with seven consecutive points for a threatening 10-partisan- 0. Until he asked for the change himself, exhausted, it was a real torment.

The other imbalance was marked by triples, barely one in the entire first half of Vitoria, who erred in liberated positions. They made the rubber, fitting blows like those of Kuric, another who joined the party from the bench. And because Mirotic nothing was fine, night to forget, another final without shining. And because the offensive rebound, pure battle of Diop, grant them extra lives.

The vigor of the duel was such that nothing was worth. It was like going through a jungle, not a clean basket, or an offensive without hundreds of contacts. But sometimes, even in the mud, genius emerges. Two triples of Vildoza they returned the tie and, when the Baskonia was completely raised in the wave (43-47), Pesic returned to Heurtel to the track, who in a few actions, including triple, had already returned the vital offensive signs to his team.

The Baskonia began to really believe at the start of the final act, with a triple of one Janning who had been missing for too long. This is how the deeds are written: he had Shields an absolutely released triple that would have shaken the Valencian night and on the return another great guy appeared, six consecutive points from Higgins that, like Heurtel, they were a drink of water in the desert. They contrasted with the final of the great star, a Mirotic misguided, unrecognizable, ruined by faults, leaving an orphan of referring to his team on the finish line.

And yet, the Baskonia did not finish off a Bara who lost his step. Forces were faltering, teetering like newborn fawns after seven games in two weeks after three months in limbo. The only one with clear ideas was Heurtel, but the duel was condemned to pure agony. A Polonara triple ignited Ivanovic’s, but Oriola’s three free throws tied with 10 seconds to go.

So, blackboard move, the ball fell into the hands of the Italian, who, suddenly, found himself alone, under the basket, to Vildoza. Kuric’s mistake was anthological. Higgins then desperately failed, with Heurtel strangely on the bench. And all Vitoria rubbed her eyes to burst with pure joy.

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