Ball: Sisters and followers of Aitor Mendizabal

They are the revelation of IV Women’s Master Cup. The sisters Nagore and Leire Galeano have stood in the goxua ball final, which on Sunday afternoon will face Iera Agirre and Maite Ruiz de Larramendi, favorites by experience and career. But so were the six couples who have been defeated by the two antzuolarras …

“All our rivals except one that we agreed with in the first qualifying rounds were older than us,” says Nagore, 15. Leire is 13. They add 28. Between Agirre, 32, and Ruiz de Larramendi, 46, they accumulate 78. Almost triple. Despite this, they do not give up.

Leire, who combines ball and soccer, started at 8 years old, while Nagore, a trikitilari, took the step with 11 or 12. Tercia Jose Mari, the aita, ex-amateur fan. «People think that I have put the poison of the ball into my daughters, and it is not like that. It was Leire who signed up without me hinting at anything ».

Are declared followers of Aitor Mendizabal, neighbor of both in Antzuola. “We have been to see him in many games, including Pamplona. He is the player I like the most, “stresses Leire, left-handed as her idol. “Of the girls I like Olatz Arrizabalaga”.

Curiously, the father of both was a defender for Mendizabal III in the lower categories of the Olalde club. “I also formed a couple with his father, with Jose Mari.”

Although in this edition of the Emakume Master Cup they have registered in the goxua ball modality, Leire, skilled at finishing both goals, regularly competes with the mixed one. «I play with boys my age, specifically with Beñat Larrea. I do it of zaguera. The game changes with the mixed one and it is easier to put the goal ». Nagore, cadet, has lavished more with the goxua.




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