Badajoz, Sabadell or Atlético B, three disparate rivals for Bilbao Athletic

Sabadell, where ex-puppies Xiker and Jurgi Oteo are militants, usually press very high, leaving spaces between the lines, where they can suffer before the verticality of Joseba Etxeberria’s team, who rival awaits this Thursday in the draw to be held at 8:00 pm in Marbella, headquarters of the express playoff sponsored and designed by the Spanish Federation between July 18 and 25.

In the hype, three very different rivals, disparate, with a lot of dynamite, famous and with the clear objective of the promotion. Besides of Sabadell, Atlético B and Badajoz Gorka Santamaría, the other three classified third. In the club harlequinado, that Antonio Hidalgo pilots from the bench, stands out under sticks Ian Mackay, striker Boris and left-winger Néstor Querol, who add 6 goals each, while veteran Manu Lanzarote, 36, four. In the midfield, we must tie Xavi Boniquet, midfielder, and Adri Cuevas, who has three goals, in short, although the coach exchanges his pieces on the board. Edgar Hernández, with 9 goals, is the top scorer for the Catalan team, with Aaron Rey giving quality touches.

He Atlético B, mattress subsidiary, scores many goals, like Bilbao Athletic, with 52 goals in favor, 27 against, 55 and 35 as balance of the cubs, both at the top of the 80 representatives of the Second B. They stand out in the attractive second mattress team Josua Mejias, strong and forceful center, with 22 years, transferred from Leganés. On the sides Cedric Teguia, a very fast left-hander of Cameroonian origin, with a remarkable one-on-one, from 2001. Óscar Clemente is a midfielder with touch and vision of the game, who already has ten goals in his box.

Rodrigo Riquelme, a vintage from 2000, stands out in the midfield, moving between the lines and has scored five goals. Darío Poveda is his benchmark striker, with experience at 23 years old and with 10 goals before confinement. He measures 1.85, with a good physique, corpulent and a header. He was signed from the Villarreal youth academy. He usually seeks his own life upstairs, crowding with the rival centrals. Under the leadership of Nacho Fernández, when he loses possession, he presses, but without weighing down too much. When he recovers the leather, he leaves with sense towards the attack, taking advantage of its technical quality.

The Badajoz, fourth third classified in discord, has a lot of wardrobe. The ex-puppy Gorka Santamaría, who went through Cádiz de Segunda, Recreativo and Sporting B before his landing in Badajoz, can cross again against Bilbao Athletic in this playoff to the Second Division on the Costa del Sol. He is the local idol with 10 goals before confinement (the second scorer of the Extremaduran club is, with 3, Guzmán Casaseca) and automatically renewed one more season after overcoming the 22 games played: «My team works a lot, runs a lot, makes the games very long and hard for the rival; on top, it combines very well », he described for El Correo. Badajoz, a very footballing city, these days is decked out and already excited about the real possibility of a long-awaited promotion to the Second Division. «The city is very focused on the team, with great enthusiasm, wanting to achieve something very beautiful. The truth is that many flags are seen on the balconies, T-shirts for young children. This year the enthusiasm for Badajoz has been revived ».

In addition to La Rioja goalkeeper Kike Royo, considered one of the best in the category, and the central defender and captain, César Morgado, a specialist in set pieces, the highlight of this Badajoz that trains Cantabrian Pedro Munitis focuses on his diverse midfield . «We have very good individuals. The media centers are very good, complete and of variety: Sergi Maestre who is an SUV, steals everything; Traore, which is a lung and has a good displacement; Sliding, which is pure class; Gentleman who is another lung and with quality. With these people inside, it makes us dominate the matches ”, details the 9 de San Adrián, who has won the game above Dani Aquino and David Concha, also known from higher categories.




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