Arjen Robben justifies his unexpected return and responds to his detractors

How to close the loop? Arjen Robben has the answer. The Dutch winger, who passed through PSV Eindhoven, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, has indeed decided to leave retirement. Last summer, the then 35-year-old player decided to hang up the crampons after his ten years in Germany. But several months later, the appeal of the courts was stronger since the main concerned decided to return to FC Groningen, his training club, for a final freelance. Presented to the press this Sunday, Arjen Robben was then eagerly awaited to justify his rather surprising choice.

The continuation after this publicity

And quickly, the former Bavarian was clear, explaining that he would not force to play. ” I have nothing to lose. My career is already successful, there is a very beautiful bow tie around. I know there is a big difference in level between Bayern Munich and Groningen, but why should this be a problem? We will see where the ship ends. It (his adventure, note) can be finished in a month, or maybe in two years. I came home and would like to help the club. Of course, I want to have fun too. But at another club, I would have said no “, dropped the Dutchman, who would have remained retired if his training club had not come to the news, in words relayed by The Telegraph.

A return to selection “Not on the agenda”

Despite everything, this return of the 35 year old player is not unanimous, some already pointing the finger at his physical condition which could play tricks on him. But Arjen Robben responded to criticism: “What can it do to me?” I don’t think at all like that. I am a positive person. Maybe it won’t work physically. But if I don’t try, then I will surely never know. (…) The objective is to chain the matches if everything remains in physical order. ”

Arjen Robben’s first matches with his new team will therefore be closely followed. And in case of good performance, why not return to selection? To this question, the native of Bedum answered very frankly. “It is not on the agenda. First I have to train and then play matches. And in my opinion, our national team is not in need ”, he explained as relayed The last hour. See you in a few weeks for his return to the field.



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