Mauricio Pochettino gave a great boost to Newcastle’s potential new owners by declaring that he is ready for “the perfect project”.

Numerous upscale clubs are also on high alert after the 48-year-old Argentine, fired from Spurs last November, became a free agent this week with his gardening holidays eventually.

Pochettino said: “You always dream of the perfect club. The perfect project

“I am very open to waiting for the seduction of the project rather than the country. It concerns the club and, of course, people, the human dimension.”

Mirror Sport revealed last month that if the Saudi Newcastle takeover takes over, they will move in a bold move for the man who turned Spurs from the Europa League to regular Champions League customers as well – and finalists.

But Pochettino has also been linked with Manchester United and Real Madrid.

He admitted that he and his coaching staff will love working in the Premier League again.

Pochettino said: “After six months, our tanks are completely full. We are so open We obviously love England and the Premier League. We feel very comfortable here. We still live here in London.

“I won’t change (my feelings) now because I’m not involved in the Premier League. Since I am no longer the manager of Tottenham, I will not change my vision.

“I still think the Premier League is the best league in the world.

Pochettino left Tottenham earlier this season

“Of course we have suffered from everything that is happening, this incredible situation that we are experiencing.

“There is no manual that can tell you how to behave in this situation.

“But along with the suffering, I tried with my coaching staff to review everything we’ve done in the past seven years (including Southampton) because we’ve never had a break so far.

“It was a fantastic moment to review everything, to start organizing our ideas again to plan for the future and try to compete better. To try to learn from our experience and obviously look forward to the next job.

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“You must be ready by the time the offer appears, the new chapter in your professional life.

“We have our home and home here. We feel very good about the future in this country. People are very respectful. Football is so exciting.

“It is difficult to move to Barcelona. And then my children – Maurizio plays for Tottenham, Sebastiano has a girlfriend here in London. The family is moving here to London.

“At the moment my idea is to stay here, live in London – me, myself and my family.”


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