Joe Montana says Tom Brady Patriots’ exit was “a mistake”

    Tom Brady is a member of the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Many people understood how it happened, but one person whose point of view is certainly relevant is Joe Montana. “Data-reagid =” 16 “> After two decades with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is a member of the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Many people understood how it happened, but one person whose point of view is certainly relevant is Joe Montana.

    The San Francisco 49ers legend and Kansas City chief coworker passed on his thoughts to USA Today, Jarrett Bell, and didn’t think much about how the patriots handled the situation.

    Joe Montana thinks Tom Brady wanted more weapons

    Simply put, Montana thinks Brady’s exit was caused by a mistake by the Patriots:

    “I don’t know what’s going on in there, but someone made a mistake,” Montana told TODAY Sports, meditating on Brady’s huge free agent transfer to the buccaneers of Tampa Bay.

    Montana added that she doesn’t think Brady’s exit is comparable to the end of her career in Niners, mainly because whoever pulled the trigger.

    While Montana’s move to Kansas City came after a serious elbow injury that caused the Niners to find another quarterback in Steve Young, it was Brady who decided to leave. Montana was swapped and Brady left the agency, and Montana isn’t sure why the Patriots didn’t fight harder to prevent it.

    “I think when you look at the whole situation, you try to understand how you want to get away from the things that are there,” Montana, 63, said from her home in northern California during a telephone interview. “I had a different story, in which they had made a decision. He obviously would never get rid of. I still don’t understand how New England let it go. I do not understand. “

    Montana later added that he thought Brady wanted more weapons, which the Bucs certainly gave him with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard. Patriots have seen a strong turnover in what was supposed to be a strong group of receivers, and next year’s group doesn’t look much more promising.

    Montana doesn’t think that means Brady will be more successful in Tampa Bay, however:

    “What he wants is a little more weapons,” Montana said, recalling that the Bucs are probably loaded with the NFL’s best tandem of large receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. “But more weapons don’t always mean you will keep winning. There have been times when we have had many weapons later in my career, but we have had years up and down; Steve (Young) has had years up and down with the same group This is not always the case.

    “I mean, you can go back and watch the Super Bowls that (the Patriots) won. Many neighbors have won, but it is always about people, how they adapt to that offensive system, how they behave to each other. Go back and people probably can’t even remember my first two sets of receivers in those first two Super Bowls, aside from Dwight (Clark).

    “Sometimes you have to be careful what you want. Sometimes you get it and it gets a little more pressing if they don’t perform. Those guys put up big numbers, but with a different offensive style. It will be interesting to see what they mix. to what they have done in New England with what they are going to do and continue to use and have been successful in Tampa. ”

    Montana was also skeptical of Brady’s narrative as a result of a personality clash with Bill Belichick, leading him to the team led by the affable Bruce Arians. Rather, he believed Brady wanted more crime control.

    We will see if this happens. Arians’ offensive system is well known for needing deep balls and pending game development, which somehow collide with Brady’s skill set. Either way, Montana and many other people will be watching.



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