Here’s what the NBA playoff matches would look like if the regular season ended prematurely

    With the coronavirus continuing to close the NBA game for the foreseeable future, a number of the scenarios were discussed as regards the recovery action and, finally, the completion of the season, if and when this will become a safe and realistic option.

    Depending on the length of the current break, we may end up completing the rest of the regular season, with each of the 30 teams leaving between 13-16 games on their schedule. Or the league could decide to go directly to the playoffs with the seeds and the matches as they currently are.

    The idea of ​​a play-in tournament has been addressed and Commissioner Adam Silver has made it clear that it is open to all possibilities. But for now it cannot be said what such a format would be, so we will continue with the first two scenarios while we will outline how the match-play would be if the regular season ended as it is.

    *Championship odds via William Hill Sportsbook

    Western conference

    1. LAKERS

    49-14 (-)

    against GRIZZLIES



    44-20 (5.5 GB)



    3. NUGGETS

    43-22 (7 GB)

    vs. ROCKETS


    4. JAZZ

    41-23 (8.5 GB)

    vs. THUNDER


    5. THUNDER

    40-24 (9.5 GB)

    to JAZZ


    6. ROCKET

    40-24 (9.5 GB)

    to NUGGETS



    40-27 (11 GB)




    32-33 (18 GB)

    at LAKERS


    Some noteworthy things from the current playoff matches should be eliminated at the end of the regular season: the Lakers and Clippers are on opposite sides of the band, which means they couldn’t meet until the conference final. The Rockets, even if they are only the seed n. 6, actually have the third best league share of all Western Conference teams, according to William Hill Sportsbook.

    If the regular season resumes, many of these seeds may change a little. Only two games separate the N. 3-6 seeds in the Loss column, the same amount of distance between the Clipper n. 2 and the Nuggets n. 3. If the entire list of 82 games is played and Denver is given the opportunity to potentially pass the Clippers, this could put the Lakers and Clippers on a collision course one round before

    As for the final spot, Memphis would have no problem seeing the rest of the regular season canceled, because if the Grizzlies resumes they have the second hardest program left and four teams, as you can see below, are well reachable for the final berth Western Conference playoffs.

    Tender for n. 8

    9. BLAZER


    4 (in the losses column)


    10. PELICANI


    3 (in the losses column)


    11. RE


    3 (in the losses column)


    12. SPURS


    3 (in the losses column)


    You will notice that pelicans have the best chances of all these teams to slip into seat no. 8, largely thanks to the fact that one of the five easiest remaining programs should resume in the normal season. The Blazers, meanwhile, would likely have created seed no. 8 most dangerous due to the presence of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum alone. Portland went to the conference finals last season and may be in line to bring Jusuf Nurkic back into lineup.

    Eastern conference

    1. BUCKS

    53-12 (-)

    vs. MAGIC


    2. RAPTORS

    46-18 (6.5 GB)

    vs. NETS


    3. CELTICS

    43-21 (9.5 GB)

    against 76ERS


    4. HEAT

    41-24 (12 GB)

    vs. Pacers


    5. PACER

    39-26 (14 GB)

    to HEAT


    6. 76ERS

    39-26 (14 GB)

    at CELTICS



    30-34 (22.5 GB)

    to RAPTORS


    8. MAGIC

    30-35 (23 GB)

    to BUCKS


    Right after the bat, the first round matchup that pops off the page is Boston vs Philadelphia. Both teams believe they can win the conference and potentially all, and one of them will be done in the first round if the regular season is over and these are really the playoff match-ups.

    For the Sixers, this could mean that Brett Brown is out of work next season. The good news, if there are still to be found in this current climate, is that this pause is giving Ben Simmons, with a nervous impetus in his back, time to heal. If the Bucks were to reach the 70-game milestone, they would have to win all 17 of the remaining games, if they had the chance.

    At that point, even if the regular season resumes, the eight Eastern playoff points will not change – as you will see in the SportsLine playoff projections in the far right column of the table below.

    Tender for n. 8

    9. WIZARDS


    5 (in the losses column)


    10. HORNETS


    7 (in the losses column)


    11. TORLI


    8 (in the losses column)


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