The Vallecano Ray issued a statement on Tuesday that ensures that payments made to the Peruvian soccer player Luis Advíncula, as well as its taxation, has been made in Spain, denying the complaint filed by Arancha Mérida saying acting on behalf of the player.

LaLiga announced yesterday the opening of information reserved to Rayo Vallecano to determine if there had been any sanctionable behavior in his payments to Advíncula, before a communication from the player’s agent about it at the end of last month. After that announcement of LaLiga, the player himself issued a statement denying that he had denounced Lightning in relation to their fees and ensuring that Arancha Mérida was not their representative.

A day later Rayo Vallecano has officially pronounced “flatly rejecting the complaint that yesterday the press released presented by Arancha Mérida saying act on behalf of the player Luis Advíncula.” «The Vallecano Ray has scrupulously fulfilled its fiscal obligations practicing the withholdings corresponding to the remuneration of Luis Advíncula and entering them in time to the State Agency of Tax Administration of Spain », reads the statement.

The Madrid club maintains that «it pays all the remuneration to all its players in Spain by bank transfer and correct and timely payment of taxes and that Arancha Mérida has never exhibited power to accredit him as agent or representative of Luis Advíncula».


For the club “the complaint origin of the news that is denied brings cause in an attempt of alleged extortion suffered by the Rayo Vallecano notarized, having not accepted illegitimate requests of said lady, about the separation of the player, which have been made without his consent ».

«Rayo Vallecano reserves the exercise of the corresponding legal actions to protect his legitimate interests and has given explanations, documented, to whom he has been asked (LaLiga) accrediting both the payment of the player’s remuneration and his full taxation, in term, in Spain », concludes the statement.



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