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    He requests that a judicial administrator run the club for the next six months, a period that the complainants want extended until June 2021.

    Al Thani, at a press conference.

    TheFiscalahas requested that the sheikhAbdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani, and his sons Nasser – CEO -,Nayef and Rakan-Vales-, be separated from the management of Mlaga C.F, after receiving a police report, documentation of the Professional Football League (LFP) and theHigher Sports Council(CSD) that will point to alleged “evidence of crime.” A petition that occurred on Tuesday morning in a view that has not appeared the owner of the blue and white club, despite being cited with his family.

    Al Thani is being investigated by theNational Policeafter the holder of the Court of Instruction No. 14 of Mlaga admitted a complaint for the commission of the alleged crimes of unfair administration, misappropriation and imposition of abusive corporate agreements. Judicial offensive promoted by the Association of Small Shareholders (APA), and to which the City Council of Mlaga has joined, after detecting that the Qatari investor and his children allegedly received4.5 million eurosof the club for loans and credits.

    The investigation diligence that must be carried out on Tuesday will accelerate after it has been established that the four defendants lack diplomatic immunity, as this newspaper was able to know. But the club owner has not finally appeared before the judge. Instead they have done the general manager of the team,Richard Shaheen, and the prestigious lawyer Jess Santos, known for having advised Cristiano Ronaldo in the open case against him for tax fraud and the PP in thegrtel case.

    Both arrived at the City of Justice in Mlaga shortly before 10:00 and have tried to have the hearing postponed when a problem with the powers was detected. The Andalusian Superior Court of Justice (TSJA) has informed that the lawyer “has requested the approval of an international rogatory commission so that the declaration can be carried out by videoconference from Qatar”. The judge will transfer this petition to the other parties involved in the case and subsequently resolve.

    Santos, meanwhile, “had not been statutory in person until this morning.” Finally, this Tuesday he has again requested his person and has been provisionally admitted on the condition that in the next three days he presents the documentation required to be a party to the complaint, said source has specified.

    The lawyer of the APA,Francisco Valverde, has highlighted as a victory the change of position of the Treasury, which now supports a judicial administrator to take over the management for the next six months. A period that the complainants believe should be extended until June 30, 2021.

    Valverde has been comforted because the documentation provided by the Higher Sports Council and the report delivered by the National Police to the Treasury will endorse his thesis, since it will supposedly be released “crime signs“that cement the request that the Al Thani be removed from the club while the investigation is taking place.

    The investigating judge must now decide if she also changes her position and authorizes a judicial administrator to take over the reins of the club. During the study of the appeal filed by the complainants to their initial refusal to adopt this precautionary measure.

    You must also resolve on the5 million euro depositthat Al Thani must pay to face possible responsibilities. In the event that they could not deposit the money, the seizure of property could be decreed, explained the lawyer of the APA.

    LFP requirement

    The judicial appointment of Al Thani and histhree childrenIt has been preceded by a ruling by the investigating judge directed to the Professional Football League. The document, issued on February 4, asks you to report if the blue and white team, “as of June 30, 2018”, and currently, complies with the financial fair play and if the current management of the team compromises its viability.

    Also, ask “how many Second Division football clubs have boards of directors whose members receive some type of compensationand, as the case may be, the amount that they receive annually in each one. “And he asks me to report the content and send a copy of” any requirement made to the Sociedad Annima Deportiva (SAD) Mlaga CF “, as well as the date on which performed and the person or entity to which it was addressed.

    Previously, specifically on December 23, the judge released a letter to theNational Policeso that, in a first step, it investigated “the patrimonial situation of the defendants[…], with special incidence of companies registered in Spain in which they appear as administrators “the Al-Thani.

    This measure was followed by intervention by agents of the Money Laundering Group of the Provincial Commissary of Mlaga that on January 22 they developed in the offices of the La Rosaleda stadium. The investigators, according to judicial sources, had as a guideline “to collect economic data from the club” and “to take documentation and dump the contents of the computers”. From the result of the analysis of the information requested, a fourth offense against the Al Thani could be sustained: money laundering.

    The president of the malaguista group, meanwhile, has returned toturn to Twitter to get involved in a new policy. His goal, this time, has been the president of the LFP,Javier Thebes, who has asked about the rights of Mlaga C.F. after the club representative spoke about the sanction against Manchester City.

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