Nadal defends the proximity of the “Spanish and Arab culture”

    Rafa was enthusiastic at the inauguration of the headquarters of his academy in Kuwait

    The Rafa Nadal Academy already has a headquarters in the Middle East. On Wednesday, the winner of 19 Grandes, opened the center at the Sheikh Jabera Al Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah international tennis complex in Kuwait. The world number two said in an interview that “we had been looking for a place here in the Middle East for a while to open a new Academy. We believe that we can help the region grow, promote tennis, promote sports and help young talents develop their potential. We are super excited, happy and confident about our project in Kuwait, where we have found a group of people with a very good heart ».

    The new headquarters of the Rafa Nadal Academy will feature eight indoor courts, eight outdoor courts and an outdoor stadium with capacity for 1,500 people, the same one in which Rafa and David Ferrer exhibition match played. «We will send here a couple of great coaches who were currently in our Academy of Mallorca. It is important to create the right group of people in terms of trainers, physical trainers … We have a large group of professionals and people, we believe that this is the main thing. The goal is to try to help children grow in a proper education and with the right values. It is important that in sport they learn many positive things for life, although we really believe that we can help them become great tennis players. The more people play here, the greater the chances of a Middle Eastern champion, ”says Nadal.

    “The first phase is that children can be here and can train at the same time, surrounded by incredible facilities with everything they need. The next step will be that you can study here. It has always been important for us to be close to children, to offer them an Academy that is very close, creating a family atmosphere. We want to be close to parents and also close to children, ”said Manacor. In the family sphere, Nadal sees coincidences between Spanish and Arabic culture: «I think there are many things that we Spaniards share with the culture of this region. Family union is something very strong in this part of the world and in Spain we have that same culture. The family is our core, something very important to us, which helps us stay together and support each other. That is something I learned here, I understood that for the Arabs the family is also very important, I like that. It is also a place with traditions that, depending on what places, some things go a little slower. I have been able to see part of that process that the region is going through, so I am happy to see how they are opening up to the new world more and more ».


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