Ice hockey: Salzburg continues its triumphal march

    In the qualifying round, however, leader Panaceo VSV lost for the first time under neo trainer Rob Daum, through the 5: 2 in Villach the Liwest Black Wings Linz equalized points with the Carinthians. The duel between Salzburg and the KAC, which starter Jhonas Enroth has not yet used, was a tight affair, as was the case at 3-2 on Sunday. The decision was made after an open exchange of blows with four Powerplay goals only in the penalty shoot-out, in which Janos Hari made the decision.

    Thanks to the overtime success, Salzburg is now five points ahead of Bozen. The South Tyroleans won 4: 1 at spusu Vienna Capitals. They continued the most recent series of both teams. The Bozen team won for the fourth time in a row, the Caps lost their fourth game en suite. The Viennese, for whom only Rafael Rotter (49./PP) scored, fell one point behind the KAC to fourth place. The bottom of the table Graz was free of play.

    GEPA / Philipp Brem

    There was again nothing to get for the Viennese on Tuesday

    VSV loses under thumb for the first time

    The VSV suffered their first loss under coach Daum after three wins. When the score was 3-2, the Linz team had luck against the team of their ex-coach in a Villach pole shot and shortly afterwards benefited from a heavy blunder from VSV goalie Brandon Maxwell in the pre-deciding 4-2. With the victory, which was ultimately clear, the Linz fans managed to retaliate for the 1: 4 in front of their own crowd on Sunday.

    Since rear-end Dornbirn also made amends for the 1: 9 defeat in Hungary on Sunday with a 3: 2 home win against Fehervar, the Villach defeat does not weigh so heavily. Because with six points ahead of Znojmo and eight points over Fehervar and Innsbruck like Linz you still have very good cards in the fight for the three play-off tickets. Innsbruck lost 2: 3 in Znojmo, causing the Tyroleans to drop to fifth place.

    Erste Bank Ice Hockey League, sixth intermediate round



    KAC – Salzburg 3: 4 n.P.

    (0: 1 2: 1 1: 1/0: 0 0: 1))

    Goals: Ticar (22./PP2), Comrie (23./PP), Koch (43./PP) or Hochkofler (9.), Raffl (28./PP), Hughes (49.), decisive penalty: Hari

    Klagenfurt, 3,500 spectators

    Penalty minutes: 14 or 16

    Vienna – Bozen 1: 4

    (0: 2 0: 2 1: 0)

    Vienna, 3,600 spectators

    Goals: Rotter (49./PP) or Arniel (1.), Giliati (5.), Bardaro (32.), Wiercioch (34.)

    Penalty minutes: 10 or 10

    Qualification Round

    VSV – Black Wings Linz 2: 5

    (1: 2 0: 1 1: 2)

    Villach, 2,900 spectators

    Goals: Karlsson (9th), Wolf (49th) or Schofield (10th, 14th / PP), Oleksy (31st), Florek (50th), Brucker (59th / EN)

    Penalty minutes: 6 or 8

    Dornbirn – Fehervar 3: 2

    Dornbirn, 2,050 spectators

    (2: 1 1: 1 0: 0)

    Goals: Macierzynski (5th, 36th), Bau Hansen (9th) or Yogan (7th / PP), Kaijomaa (24th)

    Penalty minutes: 4 or 8

    Znojmo 3-2 Innsbruck

    (0: 0 1: 1 2: 1)

    Znojmo, 2,350 spectators

    Goals: Miklis (23.), Bowles (51.), Oscadal (54.) or Lammers (40./PP), Spurgeon (54.)

    Penalty minutes: 6 or 6

    Pick Round table

    Bonus points: Salzburg 4, Vienna 2, KAC 1

    Qualification Round table

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