Dortmund-PSG: We were waiting for Neymar … and we are still waiting – Champions League

    The Brazilian, like Paris SG, missed his meeting on Tuesday evening in Dortmund.

    Special envoy to Dortmund

    It was his hour. That of the lords ready to enter and leave the bulging torso. Suffice to say that the mission is failed. Short of form after having occupied the infirmary since 1st Last February, the Brazilian had been put in the fridge for almost three weeks with a very specific goal: to land in Dortmund and guide his team to the top. After 90 minutes of a poorly negotiated round of 16 knockout round by Paris SG (2-1 defeat), the Brazilian star did not meet expectations – again in a Champions League cleaver match. For 222 million euros in transfers and more than 3M € per month in salary, PSG is still awaiting its return on investment. It is all well and good to rule in Ligue 1 every weekend, but neither he, nor his club, nor his supporters, nor just anybody, can be satisfied with such a performance when the level rises. The return match in three weeks will bring a lot of answers. This time there will be no pretense let alone an excuse. Two situations await it. The posture of savior, boss that he is not yet completely. Or that of a man who dreams of being a football god but ultimately finds himself in check in Paris.

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    Tuesday night, the Brazilian did not reign over the debates, despite a key goal in the 75th minute of play and some hot situations. Lucien Favre, an informed observer of Ligue 1 since his passage in Nice (2016-2018), had inevitably prepared his move with meticulousness and cunning. As of the reception of the balloon, that it is Hakimi, Witsel, sometimes Hummels or Can, all had understood well the instruction stick to him to the basques. You would say a routine for the most expensive player in the world, used to this type of welcome committee in the Champions League and in Ligue 1. But logically out of shape, he suffered like all of his partners Tuesday evening facing the Yellow Wall. However, at the outset, he spoke of his ability to create differences, take the game on his own and bring danger to the opposing camp. By the way creating the one and only opportunity for PSG in the first forty-five minutes with a free kick well felt 25m from Bürki’s goal (11e), following a fault… on himself.

    13 lost balloons

    The rest was more difficult for Neymar. Even chaotic. With a drop in engine speed (0 shots on target) and a consequent waste (13 lost balloons) over the minutes of the first act. Like a PSG unable to impose its game against the freshness of the current third in the Bundesliga. At the break, the Brazilian returned to the locker room head down. Conscious of suffering. And not to bring its full measure to a tailor-made match. The result was a bit more cheerful but not radiant with still so much rubbish, ill-felt gestures or approximations. And a weight on the play of his team too light for a player of his caliber, who only contested his second 8e of the five contested by his club in the last three seasons.

    Meanwhile, PSG had just conceded the opening of the score by Haaland (1-0, 69e). The clearing – and the decisive gesture – finally came after a balancing act by Kylian Mbappé, who offered the Brazilian the equalizer on a plate (1-1, 76e), well put. The 34e achievement in 56 Champions League games for the 28-year-old striker who we thought was finally launched in this game. In vain. The Haaland buffalo agreed everyone (2-1, 77e) and capsized the Yellow Wall in another dimension. Opposite, Neymar missed the match ball with a strike on the post (81e) in the money-time. A key moment for the very grown-ups he claims to be. For over two years now at Paris SG, everyone is still hungry. And no one can be satisfied with such a starving performance in the matches that count. Those who make you the expected and respected leader. Status for which he was recruited at gold price. Next March 11 during the 8e from the final return, the entire Parc des Princes will scrutinize its every move. In the hope of a (finally) XXL Neymar. Hurry up.

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