Daniel Frahn goes to SV Babelsberg 03: “I made huge shit”

    The press room in the Karl Liebknecht Stadium is usually sparsely occupied after home games of SV Babelsberg 03, who are at risk of relegation. It is different if the Potsdam district is not currently about sport, but about the past of winter access Daniel Frahn.

    His old club, Chemnitz FC, accused him of contacts with extreme right-wing fans, he had to go. Frahn recently moved to the club in the Regionalliga Nordost that clearly positions itself against right-wing extremism. The excitement was great.

    “I am pleased that a few media representatives have come who may also be interested in the other side,” said Frahn on Monday and started his six-minute statement. He hadn’t made any notes. “I have made mistakes in the past, including serious mistakes that I deeply regret, that I am incredibly sorry for.” In the end, Frahn often had to talk about himself. In front of the court, in front of the fans, now in front of a dozen journalists. “I have some things to clarify and correct. I am not a Nazi, I was never a Nazi and I was not a sympathizer of the right mind.”

    Last March, after scoring a goal for his old club, he held up a t-shirt that said “Support your local hools”. A slogan deeply rooted in the neo-Nazi scene. The jersey had been offered for sale a few days earlier, with the proceeds being used to support the family of a fan who had died of cancer. Frahn was not aware that this man was the neo-Nazi Thomas Haller. “The campaign is the biggest mistake in my life,” said the striker, who was born in Potsdam. “I didn’t question anything and made huge shit.”

    Frahn, then team captain in Chemnitz, had distanced himself from the thoughts of the deceased, he got one last chance from his club. Half a year later, an injured woman drove to the away game in Halle. Private. Also a member of “Kaotic Chemnitz” on his trip. Surrounded by other members of this extreme right-wing ultra group, Frahn was chasing the game.

    The contact, according to Frahn’s account, had come about at the Chemnitz ascent celebration. The fan was in the cabin, together with the CFC team and those responsible, Frahn had no suspicion. Later, like other players in the club, he played several times online Playstation against the city’s right-wing extremist. In the course of this, it was decided to go to Halle together.

    “I went there as captain, player and person – and as a football fan Daniel Frahn,” said Frahn now.

    The talks were not about politics, nor was a friendship developed. The fact that his escort was a right-wing extremist only became clear to him after the fact. Since his public distancing, he has not received any verbal abuse or the like from the Chemnitz fan scene. Frahn was unsure whether the far-right fans had deliberately sought his proximity in order to exploit him.

    Frahn denounces the lack of support

    The striker, who has played football in Babelsberg before, wants to deal with the values ​​and people in the club in the future, he said. There was an exchange with the fans on Thursday. This encouraged him, there was applause. Frahn also wants to find out more about political content: “In the past, I have to admit that frankly and honestly, that was little, really very, very little.”

    Frahn was also disappointed in the press conference. He expected his former teammates to respond, he said, and accused them of lacking support. Some teammates, Frahn said, were convinced of his innocence. Nobody wanted to stand behind him in public. “It showed me that football has little to do with ‘eleven friends’, but is just a business.”

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