Former Leeds United duo, Briane Deane and Tony Dorigo, got their opinion on Patrick Bamford, the drive to promote the club and fan criticism on social media.

Deane, who led the white line during the mid-1990s, posted three tweets to urge fans to stick with the team and Bamford in particular.

The current United Bamford number nine has faced much criticism from the club’s online fans following the 1-0 home defeat against Wigan Athletic, a result that has brought its lead above the third to just three points.

The striker scored twice when Leeds returned from two goals behind to beat Millwall 3-2 last week, celebrating the game winner by putting their hands on their ears and suggesting that there would be things he would like to say but can’t insert in his post correspondence interview.

But Wigan’s defeat was United’s third in their last four league games, which saw them draw white in front of the goal and miss scoring chances. Bamford himself has failed to score in six of his last seven appearances.

“I’m not sure that all the stick Bamford is getting will help the whole team,” wrote Dean, who scored 32 Premier League goals for Leeds between 1993 and 1997.

“He probably needs fans to stay with him more than ever now, especially as the group is getting closer.

“At the moment the boy is probably not sleeping well, it’s time to get behind him and protect his own.

“By the way, I’m not talking on social media, someone put together a montage of his misses and posted it on Twitter that he was a fan of Leeds, come on friend, hold your breath for 5 months and simply take behind them, none sorry for the dumb celebrations, which blew fans away.

“I just want to end by saying that I have no loyalty to any of the players, I don’t know any of them, but I have been promoted by this division 3 times, I live here, I come from here and I want the club promoted as soon as possible. The flirtation is over, it’s business and time for men. “

The sentiment was shared by former Leeds who left Tony Dorigo behind, who famously won the first division title in 1992, the first of six seasons he would spend on Elland Road.

Subsequently, the president of United Andrea Radrizanni, not unrelated to the transmission of his opinions on Twitter, quoted Dorigo’s tweet with people who applaud while the message remains clear: to stand behind the players.

“For fans of #LUFC. We all had our opinion, what is certain is that the boys worry immensely and they will hurt, “wrote Dorigo.

“We put our dummies back in our mouths, dust ourselves off ready to leave. We are second and calm is necessary.

“I will roar the kids at City Ground – who will come?”

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Leeds 0-1 Wigan

Eagle-eyed Twitter users noted that Bamford himself “loved” Radrizzani’s rally cry, which perhaps suggests that the criticism he received on the social media platform did not go unnoticed.



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