Barcelona terminates the contract with I3Ventures

    The president of FC Barcelona,Josep Maria Bartomeu, announced on Tuesday that the club has terminated the contract with the company they hired in 2017 tomonitor and control social networksand that, in one of his accounts, he had criticized and discredited players, former players, former presidents and presidential candidates who were opponents of the club and the current Board of Directors.

    However, Bartomeugot rid of that bad praxisand assured that the intention of the club was to monitor the networks, something that assured that they will continue doing despite everything, and not at all discredit any player, as it did from one of the accounts of the company I3 Ventures when attacking, among others, to Gerard Piqué or Leo Messi.

    “I wanted to talk about the topic of social networks. Let it be clear, I have no doubt thatBarça has never hired any service to discredit anyone, nor to any player, former player, politician, manager, president or former president. This is absolutely false and we will defend ourselves by all means to those who attack our club and accuse us of this type of practice, “Bartomeu said at a press conference.

    In it, it was true that at the end of 2017 Barça hired a“monitoring” service of different areas of the club, like social networks, but denied that the goal was to go against anyone. All this following the information published on Monday by the program ‘Què T’Hi Jugues!’ of the Candena Ser.

    “Upon confirmation that one of the accounts linked to one of these supplier companies, which has made inappropriate comments in relation to people in our organization, this morning we have given instructions, I have personally given them, to terminate the contract with that company, “he announced.

    “We have commissioned network monitoring”

    The Blaugrana leader wanted to make it clear that they did hire that company but did not want it to go to the extreme that has led the club to break the contract. “To the question of whether we have commissioned the monitoring of social networks, the answer is yes. And we will continue to do so, it is the responsibility of the club to know what is happening and what is said in the world, always to preserve Barça,” he said.

    “To the question of whether we have commissioned to discredit people or institutions, the answer is no. Andwe will persecute those who accuse us of it. I reiterate, we will defend ourselves where necessary, as we have recently and successfully. We do things with the tranquility and responsibility that Barça requires, and we will do something else in the network issue, “he added.

    On the other hand, he wanted to claim the club model at Barça and congratulate UEFA for the control of the ‘financial fair play’, after the sanction of two years without competing in the ‘Champions’ and a fine of 30 million against Manchester City for skipping that economic regulation.

    “We thank UEFA that these years have been so sure of the follow-up of thatfinancial fair play, Barça has been following it, we have regular investigations or meetings with UEFA, and we support UEFA for all the good it does for football, “he said.


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