Martin Braithwaite has passed of playing in the penultimate classified of the league to do it in the second and in the champion of the last two championships. To line up in the lead with Aitor Ruibal, Guerrero, Assalé and Óscar Rodríguez to share costumes with Leo Messi, Griezmann, De Jong and Piqué. The jump is big. And the Danish attacker himself confirmed that he was surprised in Barca’s interest in signing him. “In the first moment it was a surprise,” acknowledged the player. But at the same time not so much. I’ve been visualizing playing at this level for many years and that was my ambition. With optimism and if you work you can move mountains, ”he reflected in his presentation.

With 28 years, life has changed this Thursday when Barcelona bought his freedom for the 18 million stipulated by the Madrid club. The front sign a long contract until 2024 and will have a 300 million termination clause. “He has signed 4 and a half years. He comes to help for this League, which is very open and we want to compete until the end, and for the future, ”said President Josep Maria Bartomeu, from summer also responsible for the sports area.

With ambition

I have worked hard to be here and I can’t wait to start. I am ready for the challenge ”

Despite the magnitude of the challenge, Braithwaite feels prepared and offered to debut on Saturday against Eibar. “I have worked hard to be here and I can’t wait to start. I’m ready for the challenge, ”said the Danish, who already knows what it is to score at Camp Nou. He did it in January 2019 with Leganés scoring the cucumber goal in a local 3-1 victory.

“I really want to play because Barça plays the best football in the world,” he praised. And he explained that it is especially exciting to have Messi on his team. “It is the best ever”. That is why Braithwaite has already studied his movements with the intention of adapting quickly. “You have to make movements, cross and be in the area at the right time.”

Bartomeu and the long contract

He has signed 4 and a half years. He comes to help for this League, which is very open and for the future

Of all the strikers in which Barcelona has been set to replace Dembélé, with the exception of the realistic Willian José, Braithwaite was the youngest of all. Both Ángel and Lucas Pérez and Roger Martí are over 28 years old. In addition, the Danish is the only one who is international with his country. Braithwaite has played 39 times with the national team and was in the last World Cup in Russia.

Abidal reasoned that its characteristics complement the team. “He is a player who has a lot of experience and is different from the ones we have in the lead. It has character, which is always good. It will give us a lot of strength to fight against the big teams. We trust your talent. We hope it is decisive for us, ”said the technical secretary, although Braithwaite can only play in the League.

About Messi’s response

I have learned a lot in a few days and now I know that internal things have to be resolved inside. ”

In the opinion of the person in charge of planning, Barça has not weakened after the winter market. “I am convinced that we have equipment to compete in the League and the Champions League. Setién will also trust young people. I can’t talk about number of chips because the important thing is quality. ”

Finally, Éric Abidal said he learned the lesson after Messi’s careers denying that the players were responsible for the dismissal of Valverde. “If there is one thing I know because I have learned a lot in a few days, it is that internal things must be resolved within,” he said.

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