“Absolutely ridiculous” – So many Leeds United fans devise as detailed by the FA decision

    Many Leeds United fans were blown away on social media after the Yorkshire Evening Post shared the Football Association’s written reasons behind Victor Orta’s suspension.

    Our football director received a one-game suspension and was fined £ 2,000 after taking on the referees in the tunnel halfway through the January 3-2 win over Millwall.

    Orta is said to have accused referee Darren England of “joking with many lives and families of people,” while the South Yorkshire resident noted in his report that the chief of the United States was to be detained by the administrators.

    “Halfway through, after we left the playing field and walked up the tunnel … Victor Orta had to be physically restrained by the tunnel administrators while trying to reach me and my colleagues,” England wrote in his report.

    “Along with this, he was heard shouting” you like to joke with the lives of people and families “, which again was aimed at us”.

    The FA report adds that England subsequently modified its relationship to rephrase what Orta had screamed, then read as: “You are joking with people’s lives and families.”

    Orta apologized for any upheaval caused by his actions in a written letter and admitted the accusation on the first occasion, while club communications officer James Mooney was also issued a game ban and a £ 700 fine afterwards having contested one of the British decisions.

    Did Orta deserve a game ban for his actions?




    “Just before the second half, while we were walking along the tunnel to enter the playing field … James Mooney tried to show me his phone to show us that in his opinion the ball was out of play before I awarded a penalty to Millwall in 22nd minute of play, “said England in its report.

    Like Orta, Mooney apologized for his actions and admitted that he had acted “stupidly and unprofessionally”, but denied that he had shown any aggression towards officials.

    Despite Orta and Mooney’s apology, Angus Kinnear’s CEO has been “confused” by the FA’s action.

    “It is important to record that neither aggression, inappropriate language or an attempt to influence the referee occurred in either case,” he said.

    “As a result we were (once again when it comes to FA disciplinary policy) that both incidents were a charge. Especially when the half-time galleries across the country regularly host much more colorful and worn-out exchanges with match officials. which are regularly ignored by the authorities. “

    Here are some of the messages shared when fans reacted to FA’s reasons behind Orta and Mooney’s suspensions …

    In other Leeds United news, Football director Victor Orta was convicted of targeting the wrong player during the January window.

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