With the spring training just a month away, the National roster seems ready for the next season. However there is an obvious Ryan Zimmerman-sized hole.

Ryan Zimmerman has been a free agent since the team turned down his team with 18 million team options for 2020. It was no surprise as Zimmerman also acknowledged that this was expected. The Nats made it clear that they would come up with an agreement to bring back their longest-running role player, but this has not happened yet.

Earlier in the week, I wrote a piece about the current national crossroads and touched on Ryan Zimmerman’s riddle there. As it is now, Eric Thames has signed a one year contract and will plan with Howie Kendrick on first base. In this piece I go on to explain that, despite the addition of the Thames, the Nats should bring the 35-year-old for one last hurray. And the low season theme brought the gang together again. This can be seen as the Nats signed Stephen Strasburg, Howie Kendrick, Asdrubal Cabrera, Yan Gomes and Daniel Hudson again. Now the franchise should wait openly for Zimmerman’s return to end the low season. After all, it is the first choice of the first round of the teams and since 2005 it has been a staple not only for the Nats, but also for the D.C. sports.

In early December, Zimmerman was asked about his team’s future and said, “I think I have clarified my intentions.” “Here we play a little more or play more golf.” He added “Both sides want something to happen. So it’s just a matter of doing something,” he said. “We’ll see what happens, but I’m not too worried about it.” Zimmerman has made it clear that he wants to return and that the ball is in the national field. It was assumed that an agreement would be completed, but two weeks in January, nothing was finalized. What is the front office taking so long?

The annual national Winter Fest began on Saturday 12 January, where players come to the stadium and fans and the media arrive to get autographs and interviews. A recurring topic of discussion with Mike Rizzo was about Zimmerman’s fate. Speaking of Zimmerman, Rizzo replied: “Zim? I had a great conversation with Zim. ” “He was in my office – I don’t remember – earlier this week, Tuesday or something, and we talked for about an hour and a half and I love him.” Rizzo added: “It’s a boy we’re talking to,”. “And we won’t discuss it, but it’s a boy that someday there will be a statue with his likeness on it here in central camp and we would like him to end his career here in Washington.” Spotrac, citizens have left 12.4 million in the space limit. This is more than enough to sign Zimmerman again and stay in luxury.

If Zimmerman is redesigned, the Nats will have an influx of dealers, which Dave Martinez can use to his advantage. Martinez will give further rest to his old veterans. He will have multiple “match-up” options to play with. Kendrick has shown that he can play in multiple positions and move to part time in second base with Starlin Castro which allows Zimmerman to platoon with the Thames. This would be the best option because of the way Zimmerman and Thames hit the left-handed and the righteous respectively. In fact, last season, Zimmerman hit .367 with an .966 OPS against left-handed, while Thames hit 23 of his 25 homers against the righteous. It looks like a platoon match made in heaven. So why hasn’t an agreement been completed?

Difficult to say. As previously stated, both sides have made it clear that they want to reach a new agreement. Todd Dybas of NBC Sports Washington had an interesting view of the situation. He said, “It could be related to Josh Donaldson. Citizens are expected to pass CBT to sign Donaldson, who could close Zimmerman’s window to return. Washington creeps towards an overly populated population roster if Donaldson is on it. It would be everyday third base, Trea Turner would play shorttop almost every day, Starlin Castro almost every day at second base, as well as Asdrúbal Cabrera, Howie Kendrick and Eric Thames should have found a way at least in the batter’s box. Zimmerman’s services are useless and redundant at that point. “If that’s the case, then Zimmerman’s situation may not end for a while as Josh Donaldson seems happy to take some time.

Zimmerman’s teammates cannot imagine a world without him still in play and still want him back. Trea Turner expressed his opinion on the situation. “No, not really,”. “We lost Bryce, we lost Tony. J-Dub, a lot of people since I’ve been here as a type of cornerstone we went to, we have gone on without, which is not always fun. I hope Zimm is back, of course. It’s Mr. National. The president. ” It really is. That’s why this situation is so wild. With the front office, fans and his teammates wanting Zimmerman back, it’s difficult to understand how an agreement has not yet been completed.

Sean Doolittle provided an in-depth analysis of what Zimmerman means to the franchise. “I feel like it’s … such an important part of club house dynamics.” “He was one of the clubhouse leaders last year and I know he fought some injuries, but I also know that I don’t think he’s mentally or physically ready to be done yet. I think he still has some really good baseball ahead of him, and I he enjoyed playing so much with him, and I know that many of the guys on our team have so much respect for him. Just think about what he means by this city and this organization. “He added,” The thing is, when he was in health, it was really, really good for us “. “So he showed he can still contribute. He had some huge moments in the post season, the humerus against the Dodgers in game 4. The humerus out [Gerrit] Cole in the World Series. “” Just to name a few. That underwater catch against the cardinals? You know. He still has it. “

Now it’s up to the franchise to make the next move. I hope it is the right one.


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