DThe dream of the German volleyball players of the fourth Olympic participation has burst. The team of national coach Felix Koslowski was clearly defeated 0: 3 (17:25, 19:25, 22:25) in the final of the qualification tournament in the “Hexenkessel” in Apeldoorn, Turkey. So there is no German volleyball team at the summer games in Tokyo, the men had also missed the ticket.

“We failed because of a very strong Turkish team that made life incredibly difficult for us. You controlled the game from start to finish today. We did play in Apeldoorn, but it felt like we played in Ankara, “said Koslowski:” It’s really difficult to deal with, the team played outstandingly, it hurts a lot. “

In the decisive game of all places, the German team did not build on their previously outstanding tournament performance. The Turkish women coached by former national coach Giovanni Guidetti got off to a great start, the Germans found hardly any funds, but fought their way into the game point by point. In the first set, however, there was a gap that the Koslowski-Six did not catch up.

“Do you want to go to Tokyo? We cannot be so passive “

Driven by the fans, mostly dressed in red, who mercilessly booed every action by the Germans, the Turkish women kept their head on the water, the German block could not attack the strong attackers, plus some individual mistakes.


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