The unfortunate outcome occurred during the fight between Franchon Crews-Dezurn and Alejandra Jiménez last weekend.

The American boxer Franchon Crews-Dezurn He starred in an awkward moment during his fight with the Mexican Alejandra Jiménez, on January 11, when the hair extensions were removed.

The mishap occurred after the ninth round ended after Crews-Dezurn returned to his corner. The wig seemed to have faded while fighting and his coach – not very happy with it and with the performance of his pupil – asked one of his collaborators to take it away. “remove” from the head immediately. Franchon screamed in pain and did not hide his discontent but in the end he accepted the decision.

However, that was not the only thing that the American lost that night in the Alamodome ring in San Antonio (Texas, USA). Jiménez won the victory – after a split decision of the judges – and snatched the world titles of super middleweight from the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Organization (WBO). With this achievement, the Mexican made history by becoming the first woman in that country to win two belts in the two heaviest categories of that sport: heavyweight (after retaining her title in 2017) and supermedia on the weekend.

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