In distant Hong Kong there is a Mexican who is very close to reaching the Major Selection of the island. His name is Vasudeva Das Lilley Núñez, with 24 years and Guangzhou F team central defense from the Hong Kong Premier League.

Born and raised in that place in the world, he has Mexican blood for his mother, while his dad is from the Britain. In a telephone interview with Halftime, Vas Núñez recounts how his life has been in Hong Kong, with whose representative U23 He has already played the 2018 Asian Games.

“Last year (2019), I obtained my passport to be able to represent Hong Kong, which has been a great opportunity, I was very happy to represent him in the 2018 Asian Games, with full stadiums, incredible fans. I definitely have high expectations of reaching the National Team of Hong Kong, is my goal this year. “

If achieved in 2020, Vas Núñez could play the World Cup qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, since in March it will be the qualifier and Hong Kong will visit the very hard Iran, and then receive Iraq within the clashes of the Group C.

“There is a lot of talent in Hong Kong, I think it’s a very international city and if you check the national team players, They have a mix of Brazilians, Spaniards, Africans, English. There are many foreign internationals that are naturalized to be Hong Kong residents and players, it is a good competition. Right now I am in the process of breaking in and showing coaches that I deserve to be there. ”

Although he says he doesn’t know much about Mexico, where he was four years old last time, he does have a reference to Raúl Jiménez, Besides, he hopes to return mid-year.

“I know about the stars that play in the MLS and in the Premier League; I don’t know much about the Mexican League, I know the level is very good, I have seen maybe one or two highlights; mainly I only see Premier League and things like that. I know Raúl Jiménez and I’m very fan of him, he’s an amazing player. “

Vas’s mother lives for a year in Valle de Bravo taking care of the soccer player’s grandfather, while the rest of his Mexican family resides in the capital and Aguascalientes. The central does not speak Spanish and reported that he studies it on his own to get closer to his family. What He speaks fluent English and Cantonese, Languages ​​learned since childhood.

“I would like to get closer to my Mexican roots. Now I am in the process of learning a little Spanish on my own, it is difficult. It has been amazing to speak Cantonese, It has helped me in a lot of situations and that’s how I feel like a local, of course when they see me they see a foreigner, but when I start talking they are surprised that I sound very like them. “

You go he had to give up his Mexican nationality so much as British to be able to obtain her Hong Kong passport and be eligible for the National Team; in the future, aspires to the Chinese Super League where are the great salaries and better teams, although it does not rule out at some point trying luck in our country.

“I am young but I want to play at the highest level that my career can reach, I have many connections with China and I think my career will point towards Chinese Super League in the future (…) I have never had the opportunity to play in Mexico, but it is definitely something I would consider. ”



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