What do you like to talk about when you talk about football – what is your most important topic?

Development. Development is the topic that is omnipresent for me. It constantly accompanies me in my work. And that is to make progress, to confirm achievements. I am most concerned with that. Football is not an issue, football is a topic.

How do you try to enable development?

Ultimately, this is only possible through the personal development of each individual, including myself. I also include my coaching and functional team – and the club as a whole. Everyone has to question themselves again and again to make development possible. When it comes to the game and the training, it is a very important point for me that we do not lose sight of the things that we do well – because you may think that you definitely have to improve other things. Because that is a great danger. If you only focus on your weaknesses, then you can easily lose what really distinguishes you.



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