New year, new format to decipher sport and its business. Quarrel between FIFA and UEFA over a project for a National League, tension between UEFA and the national leagues over the future formula for the Champions League, a closed League project between top clubs … note that since 2015 and the fall of the “Blatter system”, business has been constantly occupying the news and a question arises: what will be the organization of world football in 2030?

For this first “Echo Sport Mag”, Philippe Doucet received Jérôme Jessel, great reporter and author of various works on the football environment (The hidden side of football business / Entre nous).

The organization of football in 2030 was precisely the theme of a prospective notebook on the future of sport: Convertio Humanus Est, greatness and / or decadence of football in the 2030s. This collective work was written in 2015, a year before the FIFA-gate. 4 scenarios were then imagined in 2014:

  • Euro Ligue with the support of European authorities
  • BeIn Sports League or the takeover of the media
  • Against the power of the WMLS (World Major League Soccer)
  • Marquee player in power

5 years later, what is it really? Are we going towards the reaffirmation of the federal model or a takeover of players and their agents? How far can the media get involved in organizing football? What impact can GAFAN (Google Appla Facebook Amazon Netflix) have on the football ecosystem? Will Europe know how to resist the new powers? Will the closed league model prevail? What would be the conditions or limits? What lessons learned from the Club World Cup – Qatar 2019? What if the solution was a “Play-off” approach

To prolong the debate of the show, find the full interviews of Philippe Bailly and Grégory Bollé on the YouTube channel of the Observatoire du Sport Business

Photo credit : Studio Vendôme, Panoramic, In & Sport

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