The ancients have never been so modern. We do not know if this is a good sign, but it is in any case by summoning the past that the Stade Français is trying to extricate itself from a particularly gloomy present. His imperial success (30-18) against the slightly bland Toulousains is the best proof. Red lantern of the Top 14 when entering this thirteenth day, half the championship… You had to be ingenious to bring people to the stadium. Thomas Lombard, the new managing director, seems to have found the solution, by playing on the sensitive cord.

Vintage jerseys, blue and red with lightning, big names, flagships of the Guazzini era, in the stands of Jean-Bouin: the bouquet offered as an ornament looked great. Still needed material to make it alive. Dominici, Marconnet, Corletto, Rabadan, Fillol, Ross, Glavany, Blin, and Moni, who came to support a club that opened their doors to them, were able to realize that the Stade Français still had marrow.

The team in the capital has erased all of its weaknesses with boundless enthusiasm and aggressiveness. To the point of taking Toulouse, the defending French champion by the throat. Sanchez, Hall, Fickou (1 try), and Macalou (2 tries) played, each in their own way, the wall breakers, and Paris became Paris again, at least for one match.

A true communion, finally

The maintenance operation is therefore well underway. Parisians are no longer relegable at present even if their situation remains precarious. The duo Sempéré – Arias, beginner coaches, find favor with their flock. “It shows in training,” say the players. This was seen this Sunday evening at the Jean-Bouin stadium. The Toulouse pack suffered, the geniuses of Haute-Garonne remained in their lair, Kolbe, the best player in the world, only existed much too late. Ugo Mola still has work before hoping to find the brilliant and enchanting team from last season.

The Stade Français is released. Will he be able to stay at that level? This is the question and the stake for him now. His first real revolt found an echo in the spans of his modern enclosure. It had been a long time since the stands had sung like that at Jean-Bouin.

The blue soldiers appreciated. The connection with their audience is established. Communion succeeded him to the final whistle, before the Parisians returned to a locker room or mini shields of Brennus had been stored. History to remind a little more of this glorious past which jumped in their face, and which succeeded.


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